Podcasts discussion


So I’m an avid podcast listener, but lately I haven’t had a lot to listen too considering I burn through all the new episodes of my regulars in a night or two at work. (12 hour night shifts can drag on without something to occupy your mind)
So I figured hey, there is a pretty diverse group of folks here on the forums, I’m sure they could throw some good ideas for new listening material my way, and so this topic is born. My tastes are pretty diverse, everything from the giant bomb cast, and the co-optional podcast to startalk radio, and even the last podcast on the left.
So any suggestions would be appreciated. Or maybe some of you would just like to discuss some of your favorites, or least favorites here, that’s cool too.


I mainley listen to rooster teeth and other rooster teeth related brands podcsst but not many people would enjoy them unless u watched there content


Do you listen to Dan Carlin’s podcasts? Hardcore History is a great time sink with each episode being 3-4 hours long and just chock full of interesting details. Common Sense is more of a current events series, but Dan has a tendency to wander off into the woods on an unexpected tangent. All part of his signature “Martian” way of thinking.

Or if you’re looking for comedy I hear that My Brother, My Brother and Me is good.


I mainly listen to the Super Best Friendcast, and Goosebuds.

Super Best Friendcast is run by the Super Best Friends from the Youtubes.
Goosebuds is some Normal Boots guys, mostly Continue, talking about Goosebumps books.


Welcome to Nightvale if you like lovecraft


I LOVE Dude Soup!!! It’s Probably my favorite podcast to listen to.


:joy:They are F***ing Hilarious


I know this is an old one but if you love DnD listen to The Adventure Zone. It’s these three brothers and their dad playing DnD and it is so funny! The stories are amazing and I even teared up a few times…

But seriously. The Adventure Zone. It’s amazing. Go listen now!


If your introduction in a good gaming podcast I recommend the co-optional podcast


The only podcasts I regularly listen to is Welcome To Nightvale and its spin-offs. Cr1tikal and co.'s podcast is fracking hilarious, even though I haven’t finished a single episode yet. They somehow managed to get Jacksepticeye in one episode, which is an instant +1 for me.