Plugged Choice of Games on the Design of Play podcast

The latest Design of Play podcast (Episode 4) just came out, with host Chris Canfield and special guest yours truly.

It’s a 20-minute discussion of narrative in general and interactive fiction in specific, ranging through titles like A Mind Forever Voyaging, With Those We Love Alive, 80 Days, and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood (okay, that last one is just Chris). We also cover topics like why people want to make interactive fiction, the importance of diversity in games, and the challenges of designing games for the limitations of a phone screen.

The highlight for Choice of Games is at the end, 17:00 - I really wanted to talk about the Choice of Games commitment to diversity, and Chris was very accommodating.



I’m a little amused that you’re plugging your own podcast here.

I was a guest on this specific episode, but it’s not my podcast.