Plopping a progress bar on the main screen?


Hallo,I am making a game where you make video games, (ikr) and I wanted to know how I would go about putting a progress bar for the game’s development on the main page of the game. Kind of like the stat chart percentage bars, but floating to the right of a page not in a *stat_chart, my suspicions tell me this can be done through html/jscript. But I am not quite fluent enough in those languages yet to know exactly how to do this. If anyone can understand what I’m trying to do and can help out, I’d appreciate it. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Perhaps a picture aid for what I’m going for I fashioned in GIMP?


Almost anything can be done, it’s whether it should be… If you plan on publishing the game through CoG, I’d advise against this route. But yes, that’s perfectly possible.


Ehhh, nvm I’ll just put it in a stat menu.


well it can still be usefull in other ways like a life stat… a person won’t want to go to the stats chart all the time so like if you can put a important stat on the main screen it would be much better… I am pretty sure it won’t be hard for @CjW to make and can be quit usefull… well that’s how it seems to me atleast


@TIYF although this would take a lot of effort, you could use:

*if progress=1
----*image progress1.jpg
*if progress=2
----*image progress2.jpg

And so on and so on, with ‘progress=1’ being 1%.


Am I missing something? Can’t you just put a stat-chart in the actual body of your game? So just put wherever you want the percent complete bar to show.

*temp progress
*set progress 50

  • percent progress

Oh I see you wanted it to the right of everything as opposed to on its own separate line?


You already can put important stats on the main screen.*stat_chart doesn’t need to be confined to the stat chart. You do need to remember to tell the game to display the stat chart on every page though which could get tedious. There’s probably a work around for that too.


@Redgrave , hell no. lol


@TIYF, using @FairyGodfeather’s suggestion it would look like this:

Edit: Sorry, it’s grainy, I just snipped it.