Please help..,me

was wondering how to make a stat appear when you chose that stat, just to clarify. appear in the CYOA for the reader to see

Anyone know how i can click solved…sorry, i have been looking. Probably right in front of me to haha. have two solved posts up.

do you mean appear if you select a choice (in case you hide it, or some sort like that). Or do you mean how to create statistic?

If the stat you want to show is blabla and the variable is bla
---- refers to indent
Your blabla stat is $!{bla}


----percent/text(based on your preference) bla Blabla

Just insert it where you want

*label ggg
------------percent bla Blabla
------------Text bla Blabla
--------*goto ggg

I’m not really sure your of problem, but take a look at this wiki.

Thank you so much, just when you think you have the hang of things. A small thing like this pops up

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I think next time anything like this happens you should go to main choice of games website - choice script section it’s a great place for problems.

I believe this is what is meant by @DUNGEON_MASTER

Couldn’t be more correct @Szaal

For more complex problems either go to the wiki earlier @Szaal suggested or post here

And I think @Greg you should mark this thread solved - for the convenience of other forum users

I am a new user and would if knew how to. Never lead to an assumption without asking a question first :+1:
Not much of a computer person, haha still stuck on input_name. I will ened up writing the whole thing before i code it :sweat_smile:Where do i go\click to solve this?

for input_name try this

*create name ""
    # input your name
        *input_text name
        *goto bla
*label bla

Thank you, really appreciate the help. For some reason i thought
it was more advanced then that. Weirdly enough i understand
the advanced script better then the basic script, go figure haha.

As i asked before, sorry last question hopefully for along time.
How do i make this and my previous post solved?

Select the post which is solution
Go to the bottom left of the post
See the options there
Select the tick mark