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I recently picked up Choice of the Deathless on Steam and found it a remarkable breath of fresh air. Books and games combined work well for me. Upon browsing this site I was delighted to discover a host of other games. In particular, I am interested in Choice of the Vampire and Choice of Romance. Unfortunately, neither is currently on Steam and from what I’ve gathered it could be some time, if ever, before they appear there.

My dilemma is that I do not own a smartphone or a tablet, have no desire to get either, and therefore have no use for the Kindle, iTunes or Android stores. I noticed that Choice of Romance supports Google Play, and I believe I can buy Google Play cards at convenience stores here in Japan, but they come in fairly large demoninations that I’d likely never use beyond a handful of games from this site. Are those my only choices until if and when more of your library is released on the Steam store? If Choice of the Vampire is never released, and since it does not appear to have even Google Play support, am I out of luck?

Thank you for taking the time to read and consider the above.

Mr. Patton


There’s three main ways to purchase the games to play them on the PC.

Steam is the first one. Of course not every game is released on Steam

The Chrome Store is the second. The Chrome Store is different than Google Play. While they’re both Google owned, Google Play is for tablets and phones, the Chrome Store is for PCs. Unfortunately those of us not in America have difficulties searching for some of the games, although if we’re given a direct link we can still see and purchase them. If you have a credit or debit card you can buy direct from the store without needing a google play card.

The third method is from Choice of Games own homepage. Just go to the game you want’s page, click to play it and then there’s a link that’ll let you buy it. Again you need a credit card.


Thanks for the information. Unfortunately, my credit card expired a while ago and I can’t get a new one unless I return home (my next visit won’t be for a good year or two). Japanese banks don’t give credit cards to foreigners, either. Paypal also froze my account and I can’t unlock it without a credit card, which I now lack (my account was created in my home country, but I was using it here and they didn’t like that). I’ll wait for Steam to get more games since I can pay for purchases from there at a convenience store counter.


Sounds like you’re out of luck for now – but you can still play a lot of Choice of Vampire and Choice of Romance for free in your web browser. The first games in both of those series came out when CoG was still getting money from advertising, so they didn’t install them with the “first chapter free, then pay for the rest” model. CoV:Battle of New Orleans and Choice of Romance I both end with plenty of plot still ahead… but they were written as complete games, so that might keep you going while you wait for more to arrive on Steam.


I’d look around and see if you can get a Google card in a smaller denomination. Ask in store perhaps. But as havenstone says you should be able to play a large amount of those two games for free on the main site.


Thanks for the additional information. I had already tried Choice of Romance in my browser before writing my initial question, but was instructed that I must purchase the game to play the remaining two chapters (at the point where I was able to save my progress). That’s partly why I decided to investigate my options. Is there some way to bypass that message and keep playing? At the moment I’m only given the option to start again.


Ah, no, in that case I’m afraid you’ve already played through the free Game I of CoR (they call it a “chapter” now I guess).


Ah, I see. Looking back, what you said makes perfect sense. I think it is referred to as a chapter, but it did have a conclusion and was a complete game.

Fortunately, it seems Choice of Robots is on Steam, so I think that will become a major part of tomorrow (a national holiday here in Japan).


Robots is an outstanding game. Hope you enjoy it!

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