Playing as a killer

Has there ever been any talk or game ideas of playing as the killer, or evil entity? It sounds like a great idea that can take on many shapes like the supernatural kind (Freddy Krueger, The Ring, etc.) or straight up slasher (Jason Vorhees, Michael Myers, etc.). Idk, it sounds like a good idea. Maybe even decide to be a puzzle like killer similar to Jigsaw or go on a murder spree like Jason


Choice of the Dragon allows the player to play the archetypal dragon that kidnaps princesses (or princes), horde treasures, and eat knights.

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The ring that’s the book trilogy ring spiral and twist is a very different experience than the film

Nono, just think of the psychological shit you could pull and the “playing of the game” if you were to do something Hannibal esque.

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There is a WiP by title “Monsters” not exactly fleshed up yet but I think it’s right up your alley

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Choice of Romance allows the player character to kill various people, if they so choose, to attain political power. There can be poisoning, stabbing, duels, death curses.


There was this concept a long time ago, if you’re just interested in reading through the thread:

In Highlands, Deep Waters you can play as one of the cultists for a few segments of the game. You can become an enforcer for them with your first or second characters. You can kill a couple by the lake during an Interlude(if your first character survived the Prologue) and you can kill the very own person who hired you to investigate the cultist activity(with your second one, if you join them while talking to the priest in the underground of the church).


Friday the 13th, right? It’s very interesting to display different character,and you never imagine what will happen in the next time.

There already are games where you can be a murderer in multiple settings, or a professional assassin, but I don’t recall anything about a slasher film killer. It could be an interesting game, you having to plan out your murders so as to not get caught or killed.

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