Plans for Halloween


Well, what [[were]] your plans for Halloween?

Me and a few of my friends are going to an abandoned town and messing around with a ouija board lol.


Lol your braver then me I wont touch those things. I have seen to many horror movies xD

I went trick or treating with my younger cousins and got a bunch of candy.


Scare tag!
I live out in the country near to some extensive trails. Bunch friends play a lil game of hide and seek only the goal is to scare the crap outta one another. Get someone to scream or jump and you get a point. Thing is ‘everyone’ is IT so it comes down to ‘how’ sneaky you are. plenty of precautionary rules even marked the trail with those lil orange bycicle reflectors make sure everyone stays in bounds. but the bumpy terrain and stuff makes it spooky and awesome!

I won last year hopefully will again! Woot woot!


@Bloodhawkereaper That was one of my many plans but its 11pm where I am so that was out of the question.

@Snoe I’ll have to try that out some time, sounds like a lot of fun


Weeping willows are spooky trees:)

Tip, hand out markers of different colors, the honor system doesn’t always work:)
the person you scare marks your forearm.
And make sure the area’s safe!! running around in the woods at night can be risky so a little pre-planning is helpful.


Eh, we’re a bunch of Army guys, safety is something we get tired of. More than likely if we do that it’ll be somewhere our superiors will give us the “WTF” talk.


Well, I can understand that. You military folks enjoy a lil risk, civies tend to be a clumsy bunch and I’m not about to suggest to a bunch of kids to go running around in the woods without precautions. Never know online.

Hell you guys could consider it training, get the drop on the enemy LOL
I’ve a friend in the armed forces, fun guy, APC driver.


Oh, yeah, I forgot about the children. Don’t go and do stupid things kids, its bad.

I’m just a supply clerk in an Artilary unit so all of my buds are either Fisters(scouts pretty much) or Paladin drivers. We still like to do play around like we’re infantry lol.


I’m out of state for my cousin’s wedding. The reception was a masquerade ball. Loads of fun. Though my dad was predictably smashed before dinner was even over. Open bars are wonderful things, apparently. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to a Halloween party, which we still need to plan…


Need I say more?


All I did was turn off all the lights and pretended to not be home. Oh and play some CoG.


My plans kind of fell through on playing with a ouija board in an abandoned town.
The town was actually pretty small and it was surrounded by houses with people in them, we found a small “party” and joined up with them. It was in a…redneck area, so me and another friend of mine were pretty worried lol. Turns out they were pretty cool so we, well actually just me, got drunk and made friends with a dude named JoeBob lol. I had fun haha.


This Halloween was pretty boring. We didn’t do much. The worst part of it all was that I was super lazy with the kids’ halloween costumes too and the poor little tykes had to make do with old pillow covers with holes for eyes.


No that’s just being the classic ghost. Can’t beat the classics.


Got a point, classic ghosts are always scary. Especially with no one underneath.


I spent Halloween week in Iceland (the country not the shop) it was really good and an extra week out of school. I got back Halloween night/day afters morning


Cool, and I`ve spend the Helloween in Germany…My grandmother lives in Berlin, so I has an excellent trip to German cities)) In an amusement Park there were a conert and something like mini-carnival, so I dressed like one of the Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines heroine… ) Like this character and its representation


Malkavian or Tremere?
Those are the go to outfits o think:)


Toreador 4ever. …