Planetary Quarantine marked as incompatible with Kindle Fire HDX?


I’m very interested in playing Planetary Quarantine, but it’s listed as incompatible with the Kindle Fire HDX on the Amazon Appstore:

It seems to be on the same engine as every other Choice of Game, which runs perfectly fine on my tablet. I would just click past this, normally, but Amazon does not allow you to download apps to devices marked as incompatible.


@jasonstevanhill and @dfabulich


Not to bump my own topic, but any updates/explanation/etc.? It’s been a while and it’s still not available.


For what it’s worth, when I asked about this they didn’t seem to know the reason. Keep checking though.


I’ve been checking it every few days since the last post, and it’s finally marked as compatible for some reason. Bought it alongside the just-released Fatehaven. Thanks, everyone. :slight_smile: