Picking up items

Hi. I’m really new to Choicescript and I have no idea what I’m doing (just started coding). I was wandering how can I put items in scenes that can be picked up. Also, when I get back to that scene the item and the option to pick it up needs to be gone. Anyone can help?

*hide_reuse and/or *selectable_if are the commands you may want. Using an *if can also be useful to you as well–if you show us the code you are working with, we can offer more specific advice.


  *if (item1 = 0)
    #Pick up item1.
      *set item1 1

In this example, item1 can be replaced with whatever you want to name the variable. Rope, dagger, sword, food, glasses, whatever. You can then reuse this variable to allow options elsewhere if you have that item. Eg

 *if ((item1 = 1) and (statA > 30))
  #Win at this choice.
    Yay victory.
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