Update: On the Hunt won at 170 votes, The Beast Within came in a close second at 168.

With that established I’ve decided to work on both games and release updates for them alternately, since they both had very dedicated voters and a lot of interested parties. I hope this decision keeps everyone happy.

Hello, everybody! I have a few WIP ideas, and I can’t seem to pick which one to focus on. So I’ll put the general ideas here and let the public decide which they would be most interested in. Some are more developed than others, as I’m sure you’ll be able to tell when reading the short summaries I prepared, but I like all of them equally.

👾The Chimera Project👾

Play one of four alien species and train to become a Chimera Hunter. You’ll join an Elite Task Force to hunt down and capture the Chimera, a genetically engineered monstrosity created by The Galactic Government. The Chimera were meant to serve as a living library of all the known living genetic material. They were driven insane by their own genes and eventually took over the human homeworld, earth.

Play as male, female, gender fluid or nonbinary.
Be Gay, Straight, Pan or Ace.
Approach combat and life how you want, with many different options for customization.
Harness the power of “Seeds” to gain superhuman abilities.
Sci-fi action, with possible romantic subplots.

💋The Beast Within💋

A previously scrapped project of mine. Play as a prince or princess next in line for the throne. The only problem with that is that you’re not exactly interested in your betrothed. Because, well, you’re gay.

Hunt down your betrothed who was kidnapped on your wedding day. Rescue them from the claws of an evil Necromancer, and then politely explain to them that you’ve honestly no interest in marrying them.

Romance a Viking, Your Body Guard, The Person to Whom Your Betrothed was Previously Betrothed To™, or don’t romance anyone, because ain’t nobody got time for that.

Character and relationship driven.
Play Male or Female. Be in a Monogamous or Polyamorous relationship.
Romantic Comeday with sprinkles of action taking place in a mid-fantasy medieval world.

🔍On The Hunt🔎

Play as a young adult who was raised in the world of hunting supernatural beings. Track down dangerous creatures with your twin and decide from there what to do with them. Travel the United States, explore, and in some cases break the law. Each chapter will be dedicated to hunting down a monster, with an overall plot pulling them all together.

Play as Male, Female, Gender fluid or Nonbinary.
Be Gay, Straight or indifferent.
Select the gender of your twin.
Customize both your personality and your appearance.

Action romance.
Inspired by Supernatural. Obviously.


Play as a super powered individual grappling with their mental instability. Kidnapped and given powers against your will by people unknown, work with an infamous supergroup by the name of United to unravel the mystery of why people have suddenly begun to gain super powers.

Gain one of three powers, and have the public name you based upon how you use them and how you act.
Get mentored by one of four separate superheroes, and perhaps find love in the group you work with.
Learn to cope with your mental illness, or give in to the insanity.
Play Male, female, gender fluid or nonbinary.
Be Gay, Straight, Bi or Ace.
Be Monogamous or Polyamorous.
Dark Comedy, inspired heavily by Deadpool from the comics. Action and romance elements.

I have a fifth idea, but the game itself would be extremely mature, and would belong on an adult interactive fiction forum. That being said, I’m still struggling with how the game deals with gender identity and such. To still be struggling with such an important part of the game I feel means it’s not ready to present to the public.

I’ve already started work on each one, but I’m not yet ready to present them to the public. Whichever gets the most votes by midnight April 3rd Central time will be the one I’ll focus on primarily.

Edit:// Ignore my vote, it was accidental.

  • The Chimera Project
  • The Beast Within
  • On The Hunt
  • United

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The second one actually sounds really interesting.


It was my first ever project with ChoiceScript.

It was decently popular while I was working on it, but I had to shelf it because I had no sense of direction at the time.

hmm… this is unique… im sold!
EDIT : guys!! @ParrotWatcher @TSSL @idonotlikeusernames @obieblu help me vote for this :rofl:

sounds interesting… but i kinda tired of superhero theme and want something different :sweat_smile:


Not picking favourite’s huh. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I like the idea of the Chimera and it’s actually, like, a really cool name for it and I’m a sucker for using sensible mythological names in sci-fi writing. What would the story be exactly? Is the galactic community scared that the Chimera can get off world or are we simply trying to save Earth? How smart are the Chimera? Why are we storing the genetic material in the first place? Is there some kind of scourge elsewhere in the galaxy putting people in danger (a disease or something)?

Just some things I’m curious about!


Glad you’re interested. The name is subject to change, as its more of a light hearted game now.

When I started work on the game, two years ago, the genre had yet to be worn to the bone.



i mean whatever story the beast within that you want the beast within to go with the beast within

joking aside all stories are very interesting and have a lot of potential. i would play all of them :stuck_out_tongue:

edit because I want to emphasize why I like the second Idea so much: I love how diverse Cog/HG games are, being able to be any gender you want, any sexuality…but having a game where your character is gay by default is great, idk if i’ve played any other HG game that did that. As a gay man myself, it’s very touching to me…plus I’m always a fan of seeing more light-hearted stories

can I ask for more info on this bit though? do you mean the kind of crazy fourth-wall breaking non-sense fun that deadpool does? or will this explore mental illness?


I’m sold on The Beast Within because…gay.

But United sounds interesting too…and in contrast to Beast Within it gives the option to play a nb character uhhh deciding is difficult :persevere: (however I’m a bit wary by describing one of the paths as “giving in to insanity”. Mental illness tends to get used for sensationalism, without much care for eventual damage caused by spreading harmful stereotypes, that often ignore the reality of said illnesses. So… yeah I’m wary how mental illness will get treated when reading sentences like that)


Recently, there have been more and more incidents of them appearing off world. It’s unknown whether they have developed their own way off planet or if they’re getting help. Earth itself was abandoned, along with everyone else on planet, when The Chimera gained control.

They are sentient. Most of them are as smart as humans. Some of them are less so, some of them more.

Humans and another species are on the brink of extinction. The Chimera were intended to be a solution to the damage intergalactic travel can inflict on some more fragile species. As well as a way to keep record of their existence and dna should the unfortunate happen. All that being said, there is a disease ravaging a few planets. It’s similar to leprosy. Called “The Hollow Man Disease.”

The story would take forever to explain. Basically, you start out just investigating claims of and capturing Chimera. When you discover how they’re getting off world, you’re given orders to stop them at all costs. In the end several species fates will be in your hands.

Whoo, lot of typing. :sweat_smile:

I think united sounds really cool! I’m a sucker for superhero’s :grin:


Lololol. Glad to see you like the idea so much!

I feel the same way. Also a gay dude, would like a story where the mc is just gay. But I still love the diversity of other games.

That’s kind of up in the air. As it’s currently written, it’s more like Deadpool breaking the fourth wall stuff. I’m interested in writing it seriously, but I’m worried about both triggering myself and representing it incorrectly.


I understand your reservation about United. I began writing before my iiwn mental illness manifested, and the representation at the moment is unsatisfactory.

If I were to work on United, I would either find a way to represent it properly, or scrap that idea entirely.


Regarding the lack of an option to be nonbinary in The Beast Within, I began development on the game before I knew how to code “they” pronouns. I’ve recently gained that skill and I am very proud of it. xD

And tbh it was a game I was writing mostly for myself. I only added the option to play as a woman because I felt genderlocking would limit the audience too much.

All that being said, there is a potential I might add the option to be nonbinary in the game. If I do, however, that would probably make all the romances also nb.

I’ll have to give it thought.


First and second sounds awesome!
Never seen anything like it.

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These are all really interesting concepts but The Beast Within has my vote. I love the fact that your character is gay be default, plus being able to romance any of these characters (including someone your betrothed was supposed to marry) seems like it’ll be really fun (plus as a lesbian it’s always nice to see WIPs like it, seeing as they’re so few and far between).


Oh, I love the characters you can romance in TBW. They’re all great.

I enjoy working on all of the WIPs but The Beast Within and United have my favorite characters thus far.


that’s understandable, i used to be a big fan of Scarlet Witch until growing older and really learning how damaging poor depictions of mental illness can be. and comics never seem to get it right. (i mean I still like Scarlet Witch, i just wish people wrote her better) I imagine doing the research to write that kind of a story will be hard : /

and about having an nb option for the beast within-- it might be good to have play pick pronouns? something like saying I am AFAB or AMAB but I prefer the gender-neutral pronouns? I know of several people who identify as nb but also gay. but perhaps someone who actually identifies as nb can chime in with what’s good lol


My BFF is actually NB. They know nothing about coding, but I’m sure they would be willing to help me find a solution.

I do like your idea though! I might use it, to be honest.

Honestly, poor girl I’m currently betrothed to. This particular situation sounds delightfully uncomfortable and I’m so, so here for this.

Uhhh not to parrot everyone else’s answer, but I agree with exactly what everyone else has already said ^^ having an explicitly gay MC makes it unique (and is kind of an overdue relief tbh) and even if that weren’t the case, this plot sounds great.

To be fair I’d play the hell out of any of these, though. But The Beast Within :sob: i love


I voted for On The Hunt because it sounds like Supernatural and I am trash for that.