Phobias & Fears


I am terribly scared of lizards and going into a bathroom when there are no other women around


I’m with you there . with the Bathroom . Public one . If there is anyone around…I just leave . And forget big Malls , those are always Crowded!! there is no way I’m going in there .

Also fear of showers . Take a good 4h of mental kicking , turn heater on + run hot water before I can go in .


Actually I prefer if there are other women around. If there’s no one around or only men near and I enter the bathroom and there’s no other women I will get out asap.


we dont have mix bathroom here . Womens have their own bathroom , so do mens…so do disable peoples .

If I see womens (and I’m one) in a bathroom , I just leave .


A very irrational fear of mine is have someone accuse me of doing something that I swear to god I haven’t done. But still, the person accusing me is totally convinced that I did it.

Is stupid, but for some reason the idea terrifies me.


A fairly irrational fear of mine is the fear of not being able to protect myself or the people around me. I’m 18 and in college. I grew up in the south (USA in case someone doesn’t know) and know my way around a large amount of firearms. However I don’t want to and not able to concealed carry as of right now. I’m definitely not a big guy I’m 5’10 170. So this fear has led me to workout regularly and start taking MMA and kickboxing classes. So I would say that sometimes fear can be a great motivator :joy:


That’s… the circle one right?

That happened to me a lot when I was younger, I have a relatively static voice (minus if I find something funny) so few people would ever believe me, even if I didn’t have a history.

I have been attacked by dogs twice, both of them were my friends’. And most dogs bark at me when I walk by.


I don’t think I really have a phobia. I’m afraid of things. Heights, fire, violent death the usual things, but nothing that really rises to the level of a phobia.

I do have this thing though. It’s called Misophonia. Which, by the way, is a terrible name because when you say it out loud it sounds like it has the words “me so phony” right in it, so people often think you’re kidding, or that you’ve been tricked somewhere along the line.

Anyway certain sounds, mostly chewing sounds for me, make me irrationally angry. I’m not an angry person. Really cut me off in traffic? Oh you were probably in a hurry. Stand me up for a meeting/date? Hey we’ve all been there. But so help me if you chew with your mouth open I will END you!

I can’t help it. There used to be a Kit Kat commercial that had people happily biting into their crunchy chocolate bars in time with a little jingle. By the time the thirty second ad was over I would be ready to scream. I can even do it to myself. If I try to eat something while wearing headphones it starts.


I have needle phobia.
Also I have an irrational fear of talking to people on a phone, like there are 2 or 3 people I’m comfortable with talking to, but everyone else… Ugh, why can’t I ask for appointments or let my boss know that I can’t go to work etc. through text messages?
While it happens seldom but if I’m suddenly forced to talk to a stranger even if it’s quite simple what I’m suppesed to say it can make me panic, like I’m supposed to say 1 sentence but instead of that I just have the strong urge to escape the whole situation.


My Halloween makeup was based on trypophobia. You wanna see?


My biggest phobias are probably dolls/mannequins, zombies, earthworms and being buried alive, in that order. Plus the trope called Strapped To An Operating Table… But other than that, I’m pretty courageous


So I take it you are no fan of the Zombie Exodus games? (sorry, couldn’t let this pass)


I hate looking people in the eye, to this day I have no real explanation for this.


Yes… yes it is. ugh. damn tiny clusters of holes.

Dude, nope. Fuck off.
I’m sure your makeup was great and everything, but please. Do me a favor and burn that picture of your makeup. In fact, just burn your whole makeup supply lol


I myself was a little up until I got to high-school I was a scaredy-cat, but I have overcome all of my fears almost.
• The only one that is 100% present for me is the fear of heights, though only if I try to look down or I am somewhere high and narrow. If I am on a roof it doesn’t get me, but if I climb hill or something than it does get me.
• I am afraid of the darkness, well was, since I kind of overcame that fear when I started living with my roommate and boyfriend who couldn’t sleep with any kind of light.
• I was afraid of being alone, even though I am the extreme of an introvert most of the time. My old home was old and alot of the time the wooden floors creeked and made noises and I was legitimately afraid it was ghosts or something. And I made sure any of my family members was really close or available for anything. :joy::joy:
• I am afraid of plants and flowers, that’s just a fear I can’t explain or overcome. I am even afraid to touch plastic decorative ones in fear of them being real. (Though if for some reason I come into contact with a flower I quickly get over it.)
• I am afraid of swimming were my feet can’t touch the bottom. Though I do love the beach and half the year I spend it there. :joy::joy::joy:
• When I was 8-9 I was terrified of monsters, demons or the Boogeyman or even other people who I didn’t know and such and always cried even when any of my siblings or parents left me to go to the bathroom. But I got over it when my Grandma told me to say a small prayer. Though the funny thing is when I saw a movie about Aliens I would be petrified and the prayer wouldn’t work because Aliens are from other planets and they may have other gods there. (10 year old logic).
Though most of those fears were because of my excessive imagination and all the elaborate nightmarish scenarios my mind could and still can make out of the stupidest thing. :joy::joy::joy:
Well those are my pathetic excuses of phobias (except those that are legitimate ones Skotophobia, Fear of heights, and such)
Excuse my poor English. It isn’t my native language and the auto-correct on my phone is being a pain in the butt.


Wasps. Evil Ghosts. Anything involving injury to necks or wrist veins which would result in excessive blood. Needles, though that one has mostly been conquered. Those are the ones I definitely have on a semi regular basis.


Likewise. I can keep it up for a few seconds before my eyes drop to the ground.


Birds. It’s not like I hate them, but they terrify me lol
What scares me the most is how fast their wings move and the flapping sound they make.
When I was 12 I was trapped in a classroom because there was a pigeon in front of the door, was there for 10 minutes until a teacher came and rescued me lol


For me one of my biggest fears is i have to have somebody covering the left side of my body when i go out side after a combat incident in the army involving a grenade i always feel vulnerable on my left side and that feeling of being vulnerable is another fear of mine i hate that feeling so much.


Bird also scare me because of how unpredictable they are. Also crows can memorise human faces for a long time. Plus birds are scary around nesting season and eat earthworms, especially seagulls and magpies when they see food.