Phobias & Fears


There’s a horror game called Until Dawn where a psychologist quizzes you about your worst fears, which then of course show up everywhere. After the first few times I played it smart and told him how terrified I was of ravens and I think scarecrows. Nothing but pretty birds and festive scenery for the rest of the game; it was very relaxing.


A similar thing happens with the remake(s?) of Silent Hill 2. In fact, since it’s a psych profile, I think Until Dawn copied the idea.


Shattered memories was the remake of the original Silent Hill not Silent Hill 2, the Silent Hill 2 remake was the one where someone though that something written in Comic Sans would fit into a psychological horror game…


Oh man, okay, I just got fucking owned. Sorry, my mistake!


not really a phobia but I read a comic about human shapes holes in rocks the other day on tumblr. Apparently there was a rock that fit every different person perfectly and when they went inside, they never came out. Been thinking about it a lot, really quite scary.


Oh, the famous “Enigma of Amigara Fault”? It’s like a rite of passage on tumblr. This is my hole! It was made for me!


I don’t know if this is a real actual phobia because I don’t think I’m TOO afraid of it but I do not like the dark. I can’t sleep without some type of light on but that’s usually it, I can be in a dark area as long as I’m with someone I don’t hyperventilate or anything like that. A couple days ago though I was coming back really late at night from hanging out with some friends and to get to my house you have to travel down this daaark dark winding road for about 3 or so minutes and I started getting really anxious, I felt like something was going to pop out of the woods(I have been reading a lot of scary stories lately and that may have just made me extra jumpy;; ) and then I started getting really scared like I just scared myself imagining something coming out of the woods I guess and I wanted to pull over but I didn’t because I was too afraid something might come out of the darkness which I know is irrational but :joy:


yeah I saw it the other day, really freaked me out


Trypophobia, fear of clusters of small bumps or holes. I don’t think I have it, but I do get goosebumps, and I do become extremely disturbed, whenever I see such a thing.


I have claustrophobia cos I got stuck in a small dark room for about an hour when I was real young. Not much else gets me but I’ll be dammed if I’m gonna go into a tight place, especially if it’s locked.


Cockroaches and walking at night

I also have Cynophobia(dogs) and Coulrophobia(clowns)


Huh, didn’t know there was a proper name for the fear of dogs, but then again there’s a scientific name for loads of fears :stuck_out_tongue: . Don’t think being scared of dogs is a phobia, at least in my opinion though :stuck_out_tongue: . They bark at me so often! Being scared when that happens isn’t irrational :stuck_out_tongue: , people have even commented on how much it happens, man’s best friend my arse xd, cats ftw. And barking at me so much doesn’t make them seem very intelligent either :stuck_out_tongue: , shouting doesn’t prove you’re intelligent xd…Sorry for the rant, but I really hate most dogs. Whenever I see one I just want it to piss off, and try and avoid it the best I can as chances are it’ll bark at me.

Not sure this is a phobia? But what really is awful for my anxiety is being somewhere where I wouldn’t be able to access a toilet easily, E.G a bus. I get shit from people for being visually impared and transgender a fair bit, not really a fear, though it can be scary, been attacked twice and been shouted at/verbally assaulted/had people try and intimidate me etc more times than I care to recall. If there isn’t a toilet nearby for me to escape the disease that is people and their stupid fucking bullshit that can be scary…though I am working on conquering this fear I am proud to say! :smiley: I am also really, really trying to work on my view of people, but say something like being accused of faking being visually impared or being laughed at for what I’m wearing really, really doesn’t make that an easy thing to try and do :frowning: I just have to try and remind myself of all the nice people I’ve met.


I wasn’t really scared by dogs when i was a kid.All that changed when i was on 1st Grade where a stray dog almost bit me.

We have a pet dog and im not scared of it but i am terrified to the stray dogs


well it is…probably measured by the amount of fear . There is ‘scared’ and ‘terrified so much that X happen’’ .

Yet, for as grateful as so many of us are for the mutually rewarding relationship we have with our dogs, there are many who suffer from an extreme fear of dogs, which is called cynophobia and is often caused by a traumatic encounter with a dog or because of a lack of early , positive exposure to them.

for exemple , until I got my dog…

I still think I have fears of dogs . Small ones , not much . But big ones ? Oh hell yes . I just completely freak out if I see a BIG DOG rushing at me out of nowhere . I mean , that kind of fear just grab you…and your instinct kick in . You either freeze , pass out or run . In my case , I run…and once…I fall right in middle of a road…almost got hit by a car . And we have leash laws here , yet that dog was running loose .

I can get adjusted one on one dog . But…unknown dogs , outta there dogs ? . No . Keep them away , take me some time before I stop shaking .


No, dogs are a phobia .

I cannot think around them. If one barks at me, I panic, so much so that I have to teach myself a specific defense reaction so that my panic reaction no longer constitutes jumping out on the road. (A thing I have done before.).


Don’t run!!! Seriously that’s the worst thing you can do! Run and they’re more likely to chase you(got told this by dog owner, plus personal experience). Ok reading about your experiences seems you guys do get more scared and have bad experiences with them, I feel sorry for yall :frowning: .

But there’s enough dogs where I live that seeing at least one every couple of days or so at least isn’t unrealistic, so I’m used toish them. I think running or making any sudden movements is a terrible idea. Like one time I was walking back home at nigh when I lived in a roughish area and a dog was loose on this persons drive… And when me and my mum were in Marsala, Sicily we accidently walked down a drive leading to a private vineyard guarded by an alsation!(hey we don’t exactly have those things in England!). And another time when I was working as a door to door fundraiser I went in this garden where there was this big dog. In all three occasions I was fine. In the occasion at night I faced the dog, then backed away slowly, then turned and walked away slowly when I was far enough away. In the vineyard I did something similar, and in the garden I stood still, my co worker ran away and the dog ignored me and chased after him.
The dog owner then said I did the right thing and he didn’t. But yeah my fear usually just makes me annoyed, stressed, swear and avoid them if I can. So yeah maybe try some exposure therapy? Recently I’ve gotten much, much better with needles as I need a lot of blood tests due to being transgender, having had high liver function and being vitamin D deficient.


lol I was told that alot . But irrational fear…is irrational .

when such fear grab you…like I said , there is no logic , there is no ‘‘thinking’’ . There is just this overwhelming fear that grab you , suffocate you and you act and react .


One simple terrifying word.


I legit cannot put a picture in here of what the phobia looks like because i will literally have goosebumps all over my body, my head will start getting REALLY itchy, my asshole clenches, and i will want to punch a hole through the wall if i see even a single picture of trypophobia. Or even imagining it.


DO NOT under any circumstances try to google the picture if you are not ready for trypophobia


I know about that not running, it does not help much as I cannot think.

As said, I had to train myself to do a specific panic response. (Turn my back, cross my arms over my throat and face). And I had to train it so much that it has become automatic. Because if a dog comes near me. I cannot think.

And I see dogs basically everyday too. It does not help. At best I notice them before they notice me and can either avoid them or put someone else between me and them. At worst: At least I’ve trained myself to no long be run over by cars. That’s as good as it gets.


I know, I know :stuck_out_tongue: . Hard for me to grasp/understand at times though, as my brain works/reacts differently to many things, including my phobias due to my issues, especially my emotional detachment…Which can be a bad thing in some ways like I’ll brush things off/struggle to deal with things normally…Sorry it’s hard to explain xd. Like I was attacked for transgender reasons last Saturday and in the aftermath it affected me a lot differently than it would most people…I think? :confused: xd