Phobias & Fears


That’s why I posted a link with a warning.


A link? It showed up as an embedded video. :neutral_face:


Yo, I’m the same way when it comes to spiders. Bees and ants not so much.

But them spiders though.


First: it wasn’t a really clear warning, second: I didn’t asked you for help. The video you posted would anyway not have desensitized me, because my fear is specifically about me being pregnant. Of course you couldn’t really know that. You couldn’t really know how I would react to that video either. Because you are not me neither do you know me well enough. I have learned how to deal with my fears/aversions rather well.

You are just not in the position to give me any unasked “help” especially not when it comes in a form that takes much of the control over the situation out of my hands. Without even really knowing me and the specifics.


To be honest,that’s just sounds like common sense.

Do you really think someone on this forum would go “Oh,so you’re scared of this particular item?Well here’s a video/picture about said subject!”

The people here are better than that.


You just missed it, the reason for that post, that’s all. :expressionless:


I’m glad you feel that way about your fellow forum goers, but in this case… Well, like @Sammysam said, you just missed it.


Trypophobia. Please do not look this up on Google Images.

Look, the thing about trigger warnings is you go in knowingly. You are able to prepare yourself for when you are in a stable state. Trigger warnings even happen for shows after the watershed here, I don’t know about anywhere else.

The thing about desensitization and therapy is that it can be done different ways. You can do shock therapy. You can do cognitive behavioral therapy. You can do things fast or you can do things slowly. But people do things at their own pace.


Not quite. I don’t think it was meant maliciously. I just think it was a misreading of the thread, and at the very worst was just intended as a silly joke.

I’d have just removed the post without public comment but I didn’t want others following suit and posting things that could actually be triggering.


Bees terrify me, not allergic but I’ve been swarmed. I can’t even think straight if I see one in the same area. I have to leave when I see two, I starting hearing buzzing and start thinking there are more than there are.

It’s horrible almost as bad as my fear of crowds. In particular being surrounded makes me extremely uncomfortable. Heck I have to find a place by a wall so no one can sneak up on me from behind its so bad. And holy cap if someone I didn’t see touches me I freak!

Funny both my fears have a root in being outnumbered by things I don’t trust.


Recently I’ve been trying to get over my fear of heights. I’ve inky made minor progress so far.


It’d probably be easier to list things I wasn’t afraid of. This will be a long post.

It’s a common one, but telephones. Not just making calls, though I haven’t made a phone call in about eight years, but anything to do with them. I can’t answer a phone or call on one. When a telephone rings, I have to leave the room. If someone else is talking on a phone, I can’t be the room. Someone rang the house asking for me, I curled up on the couch and clutched at my head, groaning. They had to say I was indisposed and leave it at that.

Meeting people. Um, that’s not exactly right, more like meetings in general. The start of things so to speak. Even if I’ve known the person for years, I will not approach them, I can’t engage people. I just hide for a while until it’s unavoidable and they greet me first. Strangers are the worst, I don’t like saying hello or handshakes so I avoid that when possible. The most recent times I nearly had to greet someone, I hid behind a tree and in some bushes respectively.

Eye contact, make that eyes in general. I don’t do eye contact, I had therapy for it, didn’t work. My neck muscles would seize entirely out of fear, and I couldn’t turn my head if I wanted to. In the end my therapist spoke to me with her back turned so I could look in her direction at least. But eyes, in general. I don’t like to be looked at. I don’t like to be seen. I think it’s called scopophobia. I think that if people can’t see me, they don’t know I exist, and therefore can’t think about me. I like it that way.

Texts/emails, I hate receiving them. The best thing I can see is an empty inbox. I don’t know how to carry a text based conversation. How do I reply? When am I supposed to reply? I can’t tell when a conversation has naturally ended. I can’t tell if I’m supposed to reply at all. Three people in the last week have complained about me not replying to texts. I didn’t know they required a response.

Animals. Any animal, but specifically, dogs, cats and birds. I fear birds so much I made myself violently ill. I detoured for hours to avoid them. Fear of getting attacked mostly.

Posting things online, even here. Every time I post I get this thrill of panic and terror. Have I screwed up and offended someone? Am I going to be bombarded with hate?

Heights, I can’t even use ladders.

This is too long, I better stop and address the second question. Things I’ve done to face fears? Well I spent three years in psychotherapy, both private clinics and the hospital psychiatric ward, doing various exercises. Meeting my own eyes in the mirror, then television characters. Then in pictures. I was shown faces and asked to identify what emotion they were feeling. Once my therapist took me to to the hospital cafeteria and made me order a drink. She also took me on walks off the grounds to crowded places. Taking medications is supposed to help you with your fears, so I’m on both antidepressants and anti-psychotics. Best thing about them is that they put me out like a light. Posting here is kind of facing my fears too. I’ll stop now, I’m rambling.


Deleted one off-topic post. To recap:

  • A scary thing relating to a phobia was posted as a link, showed up as an embedded video, and is gone now.
  • Trigger warnings, while possibly deserving of their own thread, come down here to “let’s not post images or links to actual fears.”
  • No harm was intended by anyone.

And back to phobias. :hugs:


I’m a claustrophobic so my biggest fear is really tight dark spaces. I’m terrfied of them. I can barely breathe and I start to panic. but fortunately claustrophobias not something I have to deal with on a regular basis and I wouldn’t call it a crippling fear or anything. This also extends to large crowds of people. I can get through them and I don’t go through a panic attack or anything but being in really big crowds where I can hardly move makes me nervous.

I also really hate being restrained. Especially without notice. I don’t know if this is an extension of my claustrophobia cause a big part of that is my inability to move. Though that’s certainly not all of it. Regardless I really can’t stand it when people hold me down and intentionally restrict my movement. It makes me panic. Like a lot. I run into this more frequently than my actual phobia because I know people that do this to me for fun. They don’t understand how uncomfortable it makes me. Then I start to freak out and they think it’s a joke while I’m going through legit terror.

I also use to be scared of elevators. Not a fan of small metal boxes being suspended in the air by cables or whatever. However I got over this after getting a job that required lots of movement through elevators. It was only a floor or two at a time but it was basically free exposure therapy. However I still can’t take them more than like 10 floors at a time and the thought of getting stuck in one petrifyes me.


Phones are terrifying things. I think it’s interesting to see how many people on this thread also have issues with phones. It makes me feel a little less alone, and a little less crazy. When the phone rings my heart races and I start to shake. I get agitated when people answer phones around me.

I don’t shake hands. It’s so awkward, when meeting people and they offer their hands. I’m left either seeming rude by staring at said hand or I say “I don’t shake hands” which makes me feel weird. I really, really dislike hand-shaking.

Eye contact is tough too. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to be forced to make eye contact. I don’t find it impossible but I do generally avoid it. It seems cruel to try and push that issue. I’m very fortunate that I’ve not ever had that pushed.

Yeah. I feel that way too.

I get anxious posting things online too. Although at some times it’s much easier than others.

I’ve been on so many different antidepressants over the years. The one I’m currently on actually takes the edge off my social anxiety. (It also makes me constantly sleepy mind you.) It was a miracle pill the first time I took it. This time around it’d been less so but I’m still noticing a slight improvement. Supposedly I’ve been making more eye-contact and I have been able to engage in small talk with strangers and not be wound up in knots afterwards. So sometimes finding the right medication or combination does make a difference.

Thank you for sharing. And I don’t think you were rambling.


Fear translate to hatred for me…

If we’re going with fictional fears I hate inanimate objects that are alive, especially if they have faces.

Real life… I don’t particularly like dogs since most don’t like me and I’ve been attacked twice. Though most of the time they don’t bother me unless I’m actively getting barked at.

Oh and my life getting ruined. {especially by laws}


I don’t like phones either. Not so much that having a conversation over the phone makes me anxious socially speaking (it does, but I can deal with it). In the past I’ve gotten pretty shocking and terrible news via phone call, ever since then whenever I’m with someone I know and they get a phone call it sends my anxiety into overdrive. Typically I end up eavesdropping on the conversation until I can be reasonably certain that everything’s okay. It sucks, and it makes me feel like a creep.

What is it about shaking hands that you have a hard time with, if you don’t mind me asking? :thinking:


Hmmm… Spiders. FUCK. SPIDERS. Seriously I have no idea why i’m so damn scared of the things, i get all uncomfortable panicky and I’ve mastered the ability to jump while sitting down because of the times i’ve gotten unlucky enough to scroll down to a picture of a damn spider. At the very least my phobia is that I could easily kill SOME tiny spiders with extreme prejudice but video games? Yeah fuck that shit, if i can’t mod those spiders into something else i’m staying away. On the brightside placebo effect and alcohol has helped me play video games where i have to fight spiders. (Borderlands 2 DLC.)

Chances are I’m just a huge wuss cause sometimes other bugs weird and freak me out too but spiders? Yeah… No. Screw them. I hate how people don’t understand my fear of them either or just generally. “Oh hey here, i’ll show you what the spiders we’ll fight in the next game… This is totally me doing you a favor.”

Er ya.


Sea animals, mostly sharks and rays. I was a big believer of the face your fears statement so when I went to Mexico I decided that I would swim with sharks, there were rays too but I was not ready for them. Needless to say, I hated it and I’ve been more traumatized ever since. :persevere:


I do not like touching people. I also do not like that hands are covered in germs, and they are warm. I don’t like physical contact at all. It just makes me feel unsettled and I really want to reach for the hand sanitiser but that’s rude. I have a personal bubble that’s like a mile wide.

I force myself to tolerate half-hugs from people I actually know. But I always feel like

I know things like money are covered in even more germs. And door handles. And the buttons you press for crossings. And pin-pads for cash machines or at supermarket checkouts. And magazines in waiting rooms. I try and avoid touching those things too but they bother me a little less. I no longer carry hand sanitiser everywhere with me but that was difficult. It was doing worse things to my skin than the germs were.

And I hate how public restrooms are filled with so many germs, so if I’m tryring to wash my hands in one I have to touch all these things other people also have. Or make use of the paper towels on offer. Yeah, usually I use the towels to turn on and off taps and open the doors because GERMS!!!

So, if I end up touching someone’s hand, I then hyper-fixate on it, and I can’t stop thinking of it, and the GERMS instead of paying attention to what they’re saying, and then I get jittery and anxious.

AND I KNOW NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE!!! I know I’m crazy. But I just don’t like touching people. I think it’s part and parcel with the rest of my social anxiety.

I really feel like that cat above and biting people. Not that I would, since biting people is probably awful for germs. But I do feel like snarling and hissing sometimes.

I absolutely hate going to the dentist because they’re breathing on you and looking at you and poking about in your mouth with their hands, and even if they’re wearing gloves… well my dentist washes his hands, puts his gloves on, and then PUTS HIS GLASSES ON!!! And I keep worrying and stressing about that and the germs on his glasses. I have never, ever gotten ill from the dentist but it still bothers me.

I’m terrified of the dentist. I went so long without a dentist. I now have a dentist that specialises in treating patients with anxiety. I still find it really stressful. I hate being breathed on. It makes my skin crawl. And I hate having people doing stuff in my mouth. And I hate the needles coming at me, that’s the worst part for me. When I have my mouth open and they’re coming at you with the needle and they’re looking at you, and they’re breathing and I’m lying there in a prone position. That’s when I usually start panicking and star pushing the dentist away, which is of course dangerous when they have sharp objects in their hands.

I remember waking up from my wisdom tooth surgery and being strapped down and it being absolutely terrifying. I was screaming and convinced I couldn’t breathe and trying to rip the mask off my face even though it was giving me oxygen because I COULD NOT BREATHE!!! Ughhh!!!

The dentist is the stuff of nightmares for me. Even though my current dentist is really nice and specialises in anxious patients.

Yeah I have issues.