Phobias & Fears


My college dorm is floor 8, and I use the stairs a lot. If the elevator didn’t have to stop sixteen times between floor 8 and M (which stands for “Ground”) I’d take it any day, though.


You’d hate me; I love stabbing people with the needles. In terms of receiving them though, I’ve always been completely and utterly indifferent; even if the thing is massive, I’ve never felt trepidation. A blessing. I suppose.

And in terms of…

When I was younger, I used to have an irrational fear of dogs. Any dog, big, small, aggressive or no. Them jumping up on your leg or barking at any volume terrified me. To this day, I’m not sure why; I wasn’t attacked by one as a child or anything.

But friends of my parents had a particularly boisterous Westie; after years of avoiding the animal like the plague, at one point I just decided I’d had enough. It wasn’t planned, but in a complete impulse moment, I locked myself in the bedroom with the dog.

It was terrifying at first, but it was remarkable how quickly it took for me to realise that the dog genuinely liked me and just wanted affection. Seriously, once I got over the initial flight response, it was much easier to distinguish between a playful bark and a bark that signalled impending savagery.

By about ten or fifteen minutes after the “Oh, crap; what have I done, I’m going to die” moments I was playing with the dog and it’s favourite toy while it jumped up on my leg, which I wasn’t terrified of anymore. It really was a fun time; after that, it was much easier to endear myself to dogs.

Genuinely mean dogs took a bit more time as you may expect, but that was a big step to destroying the irrationality of it all.


I’ve quite a few fears.

The worst is severe social anxiety. It doesn’t feel rational to me. It is absolutely crippling.

Every single time I venture outside. Every time I speak to a person. Every time I force myself to go somewhere other people are.

I have my camera. Go outside. Take a photo. Return home. I did that last year in order to push myself to go out and having the camera helped a lot. I just take pictures of silly things. I like taking photos of birds and animals most of all.

Having a MP3 player playing music helps too but I don’t usually like doing that and shutting off the world and drowning out my thoughts. It makes me feel disconnected from everything. Which I suppose is a good thing when the brain is screaming DANGER DANGER DANGER at every little thing.

Forcing myself to make smalltalk with someone when I’m outside is also really difficult for me. Even if it’s complimenting their dog, or engaging a cashier, or speaking about the weather at the bus stop.

I can’t say I’ve ever felt brave or powerful though since that’s the sort of thing most people can do without even thinking about it. Which I used to be able to do without thinking of it.

I’m better in a crisis though. If someone needs help I’ll be the first one to act and try and help them. I don’t like ignoring people who’re distressed or in trouble.

My brain doesn’t make sense. I wish it worked properly.


I am extremely scared of worms, especially earthworms, caterpillars and maggots since I was small, to this day I cannot look at even a picture of them. I also suffer a phobia about germs in general… Since I was in hospital from a very early age (due to my health issues) and was operated on many times in the past, so it’s quite understandable. The way I work through my phobias is that I write them into my stories to get some peace, which makes me feel better. Zombies are mildly scary as well.


Dogs. I have an outright phobia for them, so much so that I often does stupid things out of instinct, rather than get in the path of a dog. (Such as climbing up a wall or jumping out on the road, but things I have done.)
Small dogs are somehow worse than big dogs, why I do not know. But I cannot think around dogs. I am just so frigging terrified off them.


Exposure and rationalization worked for me. The thought of being or appearing weaker than my family or friends have always been intolerable, in my mind that would make me unworthy of them, so I acted as soon as I was afraid of something, especially if it was irrational, never letting the fear linger or “take root”.

I would go out of my way to find opportunities to face what scaried me. Eventually I noticed that if something made me afraid, the belief it would frighten me again next time was half the defeat. That’s mainly what I used rationalization for, to help me change my mind. And pretending I was not afraid, that was important too. To pretend until it was not pretending anymore, that way in the very least, my fears would not hinder me as they are restricted to my mind and feelings and emotions don’t affect reality. Sometimes it all failed but that got me so, so furious that the anger itself “drowned” the fear.

Small dogs tend to bark a lot more, which is part of the reason I don’t like them much, and often are more aggressive. But overall, dogs are wonderful. I hope you will be able to be confortable around them someday.


Spiders.Fuck em’.

Bees.Fuck em’too.

Ants.They can go to hell.

Actually,every single kind of bug in this world spook me. (especially those fucking bees.)


As a child I was scared of the dark. I didn’t know why. Then as a thirteen year old I just decided to close my bedroom door and from that point on I wasn’t scared of the dark. I also spent years of not looking into mirrors and I know why. As a child I used to watch Super hero cartoons. There was an episode of Super friends that had the heroes deal with a villain called The Mirror Master. I still am freaked by mirrors.


I don’t have any real full on phobias or fears. I have some things I don’t like that can drive me to mild anxiety at best.
The only time I feel real fear is in the moment and it takes a hell of a lot to get me there. In other words I’m the one everyone else holds onto at the haunted house/during the scary movie/walking down the dark creepy alley or street that just screams “you’re gonna get jumped”. I also remove all of the offending arachnids (mom’s fear), reptiles (snakes are also mom’s), insects, amphibians, and mammals from the vicinity and climb the high things (brother’s fear) to do stuff like clean gutters or collect items. Lol.

But the things that make me uncomfortable…

I don’t like large crowds. Especially if I can’t get through them. I feel trapped. I’m stuck in a herd and I know if anything goes wrong I do not want to be surrounded by sheep. Also I don’t want to be trampled to death because people are stupid and self-centered in emergencies. I’m mentally capable of taking care of myself and other people when things go down. I stay reasonable. But if I trip or get knocked over I might be F-ed. XD.

I also don’t like being… “small” touched without warning (I don’t know what else to call it). “Big” surprise touches are fine. Hug me without warning? Go for it. Throw your arm around my shoulder? Fine. Poke me in the side when I don’t know you’re there? I might come at you swinging. Pluck a stray hair off my shoulder blade without telling me first? Bitch I will cut you. I have no idea why but “small” touches make my skin crawl while “big” ones don’t really effect me.
But this is why I hate grasshoppers. Because they are the ultimate no warning personal bubble poppers. So I watch them when they’re around and move when they get too close. I’m not afraid of them, but everyone thinks I am. I just don’t want them to surprise touch me. That wee heavy THUNK is very displeasing to my flesh. I’m not scared, just sensitive and would rather not deal.
But if I really want them gone I will get up and remove them from the area myself. If they’re being jerks about it they will then be murdered in an efficient fashion. Or possibly fed to a spider or preying mantis if one is around. Because feeding a mantis is a special treat. <3.

Aside from that… There’s nothing I can definitively say that even sort of freaks me out ahead of time. I probably just haven’t found it yet. XD.


Everyone else: talking about fears, reasons why, very introspective and specific

Me, a loser with GAD: I’m scared of Everything all the time and I don’t know why


I am posting this yet again! I cannot post these comics too much.

Just think of it as our super power. It’s like the worst super-power ever.

If we don’t laugh we have to cry.


I don’t think I have any irrational fears. I’m sure I could be proven wrong on that though.

I suppose I am unusually afraid of social situations but that’s because of consistently negative results of me being in social situations. I have not been able to make form real life social relationships (romantic or platonic) since elementary school. The best I ever seem to manage is to get someone to find me tolerable to interact with while doing something else that requires them to be around me. Well, there was one exception to that. One person who seemed to really like me and want to hang out with me more often than just whenever they already happened to be in the same place as me for other reasons… Then one day she suddenly said we couldn’t be friends anymore and stopped talking to me. I learned months later after abruptly running into her at a convention that she’d apparently had a crush on me and her boyfriend (whom she’d moved across a freaking ocean to live with) obviously took issue with that. And that’s not even my most painful experience involving social interaction with other people, so I feel like that fear is pretty freaking justified.

I feel like my aversion to social interaction is an increasingly defining facet of my life.


I have this fear of wearing high heels, which is problematic because of the necessity of wearing them during special occasions. Probably the only time I was refrained from wearing heels was during an aunt’s wedding, because I was one of the tallest females in the bridal entourage–taller than the bride, too. I was pretty tall for an 11 year-old at that time. You see, I have bad posture and a terrible walk, and wearing high-heeled shoes makes my walk and posture even more terrible, which opens up the very high risk of tripping and making a fool of myself. Plus, it hurts when one wears them for hours upon hours, and it’s bad for your health.

The feeling of unknown somethings crawling or merely touching my skin. It’s a normal response to the stimuli, I know, but I jump in fright at the most mundane of objects touching me. I shudder when a strand of my hair falls on my bare skin. Leaves falling on my hair freak me out. I almost stepped on my hamster when he escaped from his cage and crawled over my foot while I seated in front of the computer. Funnily enough though, I was really cool and collected when I let a (tame) snake crawl all over my arm.

Cigarettes, also crossing over on the things that irritate me. I don’t mind the smoke, but I mind people blowing smoke in front of my face. I also have a fear of being burned by cigarettes, accidentally or not, because of an experience that happened when I was a kid. Someone decided that it would be a nice idea to use the back of a five-year old girl’s hand as an ash tray. Thankfully I didn’t have any long-term scars, but the memory still burns, literally.

Drowning, something that even relatively good swimmers like me fear. Anyone read Bridge to Terabithia? That book opened me up to the fact that being a swimmer won’t always save you in water-related accidents, because you may never know what would go wrong until it happens.


Oh I have a weird one: Pregnancy. Not in the way that I couldn’t stand a pregnant person or anything; I know there are many people for which getting pregnant is a very joyful event and that there are many people/couples that try to get pregnant (and sadly also those that try and try without ever getting pregnant) and I really wish those people only good things, but when I just think about ever getting pregnant myself I start to feel sick. And it’s not about the pain of childbirth or being anxious of being a terrible parent (I’m not averesed of adopting should I ever feel the want to start a family or having my hypothetical partner be the one to undertake the pregnancy), it’s really only the pregnant part/having something use my uterus as incubator (I know that’s what it is supposed to be for, doesn’t make it less weird for me, okay?) I feel a very strong aversion against. That people so often feel the need to try coaxing me into changing my mind doesn’t make it easier… And to link it to this to choice games specifically: The best way to scare me away from ever again touching your game is when the MC can/has to end up pregnant - without a warning - and even worse, when the game assumes I’m consumed by happiness because of it…No, just no, nope, no, no, no, please take me out of that situation, just no.

And I’m also part of the “hating to make phone calls” crowd. Though I really dislike emails more…when I act really awkward at the phone I at least can try to attempt damage control, with emails I read them about ten times, send them (with much overcoming) and then either try to forget about it or read it again ten times over, looking for any faults I did. >.<

Also: Not much of a fan of heights. Climbing parks suprisingly are okay as long as the obstacles are exhausting enough to distract me, but then suddenly after 2 hours climbing with no problem while doing one of the more easier things (like balancing on some trunk) - boom - hello vertigo! I totally missed you. What? If I’m sarcastic? Noooo of course not (<lies, 100 percent lies)


I got a strange fear/phobia, i’m afraid of dolls and mannequins, so each time i go to a clothing store or i’m in the street and i see one in a store i got shivers when i’m near one of them. same thing for dolls. (That’s why i never played Bloodborne and the Condemned saga, and i can’t even watch Markiplier’s videos on the 5 nights at freddy’s saga)

Also i’m afraid of big wheels, i always think the whole thing will collapse on my head.


Please do not post images or other links that will trigger people’s fears on this thread.


Luckily my fear/aversion really only starts to kick in when it’s about pregnancy in context to my own person or a stand in for myself (like MCs often end up to be). Movies normally leave enough room to distance myself from it (books - depending on how they are written - are trickier) so that post while unsensible and inappropriate didn’t cause me any discomfort. …Like I said it’s a weird fear.

But I’m thankful that the mods are watching out that this thread doesn’t end up ugly.


Life-like dolls kinda freak me out, especially when in the dark, and alone, and with mirrors.

I was barely able to suck it up and jump off a palm tree for a camp activity, heights, damn.
I wasn’t able to to do the zip line though. And all these were with the safety harnesses attached.

And then there’s holes.
Like, multiple small holes on a surface. More of a irrational disgust for it than a fear, I think. Like, what’s gonna come out of it? How it going to feel like touching it. Sounds weird, huh?


Well, the only way to really get over fears is desensitization. Then again, maybe the desensitization I’ve had to put myself through to stand social situations is why I thought it was ok to post something like that.


But it’s really not your decision if, when and how a person should be desensitized, so just posting pictures or videos that could trigger someones fear will only put said person through a great deal of discomfort, so please don’ do it.