Phobias & Fears


Hey there! This is a lil thread to discuss your phobias or fears, and why you have them. I thought it would be very interesting to hear this from other people! :blush: (I’m hoping I’m not breaking any rules or screwing up by making this thread–I’m a lil nervous since this is the first time I’m doing this!)

I’ll go first. Despite being in high school, where you’d figure I’m more or less mature, I’m still scared of the dark! :confounded: I’m not sure at all where this fear stemmed from, but I do remember the first time I realized my fear.

I was playing manhunt at a friend’s house, and running around desperately looking for a hiding spot with my two friends. We ran into a little laundry room, the only place we could find, and locked the door. It was pitch-black–I couldn’t see anything but a very tiny light on the washing machine. (Even then, if I put my hand right up in front of my face, I wouldn’t be able to see it.) I started freaking out and saying, “Turn on the light, turn on the light!” My friend turned it on for a moment, to let me adjust, and then turned it back off. He didn’t know how intense my fear was and just wanted to win the game.

So I start panicking, hyperventilating and searching for something to grab on. My friends formed a little circle around me to try and calm me down. I remember leaning on my friend’s shoulder, trembling as he rubbed my back and told me, “It’s okay.”

And after all that fuss, we ended up being found anyway! :cry: Game aside, that was the first time I realized my fear. Now, go forth and share some of your fears if you wish! :stuck_out_tongue: :heart:


Elevators. I hate elevators. I’d rather take the stairs. Five floors? No matter, I’ll get a bit of exercise! No stairs?! Well, I just yell at my friends, whom of course take the occasion to jump in it to tease me. And I hang on the banister (not sure what it is called) as I expect it to fall at any moment.

I hate heights. I have vertigo. Climbing the stairs of a lighthouse, alright! Getting down…why did I get up there, already? :frowning: Never took a plane, either. The day I’ll take one, I don’t know in which state I will be in.

Oh, and I’m afraid of what could be lurking in the sea, you know, in the depths? The giant things in there?

And disappoint people too.

Or talk to people. Especially strangers. Even if I’m nice and friendly. But going outside… I hate that. That’s also why I always listen to music when I go in stores, or wherever.

And phone calls. I stress so much when I absolutely have to call someone I don’t know, for an appointment or information.

So much silly things to be afraid of :disappointed_relieved:

At least I like spiders.


Becoming anything like my mother; I’d legitimately hate myself if I found out I unconsciously went down that road.

And becoming in any way incompetent in my job, or losing my mental faculties. My greatest fear has always been psychosis above all else; I don’t really have any irrational fears, but that has always been remarkably prevalent.

Specifically psychosis that persists to the point that I can’t distinguish between reality and the creations of my mind, or perhaps personality changes that change me from who I am. Even worse if I know it’s happening and I can’t help it.

I’m really fun at parties…


We’re the same in regards to phone calls and elevators. Which put me in an interesting situation last wednesday when I had to either go to the hospital across the street and necessarily use the elevator or call to make an appointment. I chose the elevator.

Wrong choice. I was there with a 10 year old girl and her mother when the elevator suddenly stopped and soon after the girl clutched her belly and began to scream in pain. The mother became completely hysterical and started yelling, demanding me to help her daughter, or make the elevator move, or do whatever. It took about an hour and a half for us to leave, the girl was immediately taken to surgery, she had appendicitis.

Not fun.


I’m intensity afraid of dark pools of water, like ones with mud in them. It terrifies me to think of what could be in there.
I guess I’m also ‘afraid’ of plasters and stickers. When I was younger I used to share a room with my sister and one night she stuck all of her stickers on my face, when I woke up and tried to open my eyes, I couldn’t. Since I was young at the time, it impacted me far more than it should have :joy:


wow! I’ll be here for a while :stuck_out_tongue: haven’t read the other posts yet, but would be surprised if someone is as scared of as many things as me! :stuck_out_tongue:

As a rule, I’m scared of anything I can’t punch(don’t ask me why that’s just how my mind works :stuck_out_tongue: ) So I’m scared of heights roller coasters, woods/forests etc at night. I’m also scared of the sea in some situations(such as at night on a boat/when it’s particularly bad or rough).

I’m also scared of any icky creatures, so all insects, spiders etc. anything not cute and fluffy!

read the last posts(wasn’t as many as I thought :stuck_out_tongue: ) and I used to be scared of escalators and lifts too. I’m also scared of blood and planes(but not so much that I don’t fly, I just get comforted by staff and strangers :stuck_out_tongue: ). I’m also, maybe not scared but extremely overly cautious when cooking and handling anything made of glass.

I’m also scared of dogs(even little ones!..except puppies :stuck_out_tongue: )

I also get scared when I think too much about death and what may happen after it. I’m scared of needles, the hospital, the dentist.I also used to be scared of people.

And finally (I think :stuck_out_tongue: ) I’m scared of demons. Saved this one for last, as this one actually has a story. In brief I had a nightmare where a shadow looking demon floated towards my bed and then swiped at me with it’s claws. And all that seemed real, but in the morning I shrugged it off as a really scary nightmare…until I saw my monsters inc mask that had been securely fastened to my bed with a strong pin thing was on the floor, yet the pin was still in my bed and the hole where the pin went on the mask was unbroken! :open_mouth: and I asked all my family and they said they hadn’t even been in my room that night… so I’m scared of loads unfortunately :’(


I have an irrational fear and disgust of… i don’t know just holes on people’s skin or even plants :sweat:
i don’t know if anyone here has ever googled trypophobia, but if you haven’t, Don’t view the images. They’re some of the most disgusting and horrifying things i’ve ever seen. :grimacing:


I have a terrible aversion to escalators. For real, I just can’t bring myself to get on one.


(I won’t reply to any questions for as to why I’m afraid of these things, but…)

  • Mirrors in dark rooms
  • Cooking knives (strangely enough, I’m not afraid of any other kind of knife)
  • English Teachers
  • Disney Channel
  • And someone breaking into my house and stealing my crappy computer

(I suppose only the last one is rational)
Edit: Remembered some more if anyone wants to see them:

Large speakers, apple products, old people, dad jokes, and spaghetti.

After looking at my fears, I realize how much of a freaking weirdo I am


Cockroaches scare me especially the flying ones :anguished:


How about…
Flying cockroaches that shoot acid out of their back, and can give you ebola with the slightest touch.


I forgot to mention electricity, due to a not funny “joke” my grandfather did to me when I was eight.

If anyone wants the story, just tell me.


Family pranks are the worst!
I think we all have a primal instinct from thousands of years back to avoid family jokes focused upon yourself.


I’m one for the terrified of making phone calls group. I’m also scared of large groups of people in small spaces and heights too, to some extent. Like, from a height of one to about five meters. Everything over that is mostly fine.



Oh, how I love Doctor Who.


Heights. I have a powerful imagination and it usually imagines me plummeting to my doom when I look down.

Bicycling… I was biking to work 2-3 months ago and got hit by a car on the way. I used to joke about it a lot (because crazy drivers.) and then I remember when I was biking I see something out of the corner of my eyes, and this large SUV for some reason didn’t bother looking my way, and I remember everything slowing down in my mind, and then I got hit. The first thing I remember was the blood. Luckily the car hit itself wasn’t that bad, but I was in a state of shock.

Something that sticks out from that encounter is the person who hit me, actually asked me to call the police, because they didn’t have their phone. I was on the ground, shaking from shock, and bleeding and I was being asked to call the police. It sounds like something made up, which is why I’m still baffled by it. In the end I did call the police (despite my blood being on the phone. EW) and luckily a nurse happened to see me get hit, and had a medical kit on her.

She provided me with much needed first-aid right there and prevented me from bleeding more and possibly hurting myself more.

But because of the whole incident I have not even LOOKED at my bike since then, because I’m too afraid to go back to bicycling…


~pat pat pat~
Don’t worry!
At least you aren’t freaked out by completely unreasonable things, bicycles are completely rational to be afraid of.
I got my leg shredded up in the wheel spokes once!


You know that actually reminds me of another time i went biking when I was very young. Around middle school? So like 12? I was biking and then suddenly there was a very long scratch running down my leg that was bleeding. I still to this day do not know what caused it. All I know is that for some reason I was very calm. I went straight home and got like 5 regular bandages and used them to patch up the long cut, and then went back to biking.

The younger me was a badass. I don’t know if I could have handled that as calmly now as I did back then.


Spiders have always creeped me out; touching big ones unexpectedly, or them dropping on me, is the worst. I’ve gotten a little better over the years, with a setback during my time in Costa Rica, when I was reminded that yes, some can freaking kill you.

Heights bother me, especially without guard rails. The roof of a one or two-story building? Can’t do it. Several Fourth of Julys, people coaxed me onto high places to watch fireworks with them and I ended up frozen there when it was time to come down, like a shivering cat. Part of why it’s in the running for my least favorite holiday.

Electricity - this one I know the origin of. As a little kid I was playing with a necklace I’d found, draped it over a plug, and got a shower of sparks in my face. My mom later said it was no excuse not to help look for broken Christmas tree bulbs; you’d get a nasty shock when you found one. (Another in the running for Least Favorite Holiday.) My dad then had a videography sideline for awhile, and it was my job to recharge the car batteries he used for power between gigs. I was terrified every time I went in with the alligator clips. I still can’t see a spark or hear electricity crackle without jumping out of my skin.

The last big one is super fun: needles. I didn’t get my ears pierced until my wedding, and I still close my eyes for injections. This morning I got an IV placed and several stuck in my back to anesthetize me before the doctor went in with a ginormous one to inject my spine. Though enough people tense up in that situation, I guess that’s why they offer a general anesthetic.

There’s more in the way of triggers and stuff that scared the hell out of me when I was more anxious - agoraphobia and the like - but that’s it for classic phobias.


Here’s a related question, has anyone done anything specific to try to face or get over a fear?

I went on a zip line tour, where I was dangling from a harness several miles up, to try to confront my fear of heights. I also got my belly button pierced with a long needle and watched it happen (let it heal up right after, so sometimes I forget I have piercings besides the failed earrings.)

The thing is, I felt brave and powerful and it helped me to know that if I needed to get past a phobia, I could. But unlike the exposure therapy I went through later to deal with some of my worse triggers, those grand gestures didn’t seem to lessen the actual phobia any. I was just as scared of other heights, other needles.

Are there things you’ve tried, and how have they worked out?