Personality Test


Anyone tried this? I got INFP.

[HELP]Summoning all extrovert, introvert, and ambivert

I tried that last year, can’t remember what I got though. I’ll try it again soon, and post my result.


It says I’m an INTP who doesn’t go for big social interaction, which is amusing since I’m typing this while sitting at a table with family, letting them talk amongst themselves.


Interesting quiz. I also got INFP.


I got ISTJ

57% Introverted
20% Observant
51% Thinking
66% Judging
74% Assertive


INTP. Check out your cognitive functions if you feel like the results don’t fit you. Online tests aren’t the paragon of reliability.


Huh I got INTJ.
Didn’t really see that coming.


My result was


INFP. Pretty spot on for the most part.


I got ENTJ. Guess that’s me


I’m an INTJ, according to another Meyer-Briggs test. This one made me a INFP, but I’m not sure it’s reliable…considering they spelled ‘extroverted’ as ‘extraverted’ in the results. I don’t trust tests that can’t even be bothered to check for spelling errors.
Then again, I’m also not sure INTJ is the best way to describe me.


I got ENTP. With a massive assertive bias. All of a sudden I feel I should be punching myself :confused:


Oh, god… INFP for me as well. Shakespeare, Tolkien, Homer… No pressure with writing, eh? ._.


INTP. They obv. don’t check the results and just stalk you before you take it with their mind reading monkey slaves that keep tabs on everyone to check your result.


ENFP, which apparently means I’m that annoying person at a party trying to convince everyone to make out with each other, or at the very least get on the dance floor! Mark Twain, Oscar Wilde, George Carlin… sounds about right.

Also I’m turbulent whatever that means!


Haven’t taken the test, but in the past I’ve been either ENFP or INTP, depending on what had been going on in my life recently. (:


ISTJ, with a staggering 85% for introverted…
That sure sounds like me.


Introverted 57%


I got INTP which described me perfectly


Mine is ISFP with an assertive variant and an explorer role. Not sure what to think of that though.