Percent stat_chart on startup cene or the other scene

I search it up and no result!

I’m currently writing my battle codes, and I want my battle scene to have the percent bar appear, not only on the Status Screen.

This is the example:

*create maxhp 200
*create currenthp 175
*create hp ((currenthp/maxhp) * 100)
*set hp round(hp)

(still in startup.txt)
HP: ${currenthp} / ${maxhp}
[ hp ] <- hp bar here

Now, the calculation:
hp = 175 / 200 = 87.5 ≈ 88
So hp bar should be 88%

I’m just curious if there is a code to this. Or if there is, what should I type to have a percentage bar on a scene? If it’s not possible then it’s okay.

Thanks as always!

I’m pretty sure that a percent bar can never be over 100. So your 200 would just show as 200%.

And yes, you can put a *stat_chart on the main screen.

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That’s true; it can’t be over 200. But,The currenthp and maxhp won’t be the percent bar.

I’m using another var (hp) to a max of 100. As the calculation, hp is equal to currenthp over maxhp times 100, so the percent bar won’t exceed 100, and that’s where the bar is.

Do I only have to write *stat_chart and put the text or percent there?

That’s right, just put it there like you would in a stat screen.


It worked! Fact, I didn’t try it before, dumb me. Sorry for the stupid question, and thank you for your help! :pray:

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Np bud.

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