People touching my stuff?


I make clay figurines, small dragons, etc. I generally do this work at school during periods when we have nothing else to do as I have no time to do it at home. I feel a bit territorial about them, and this might be part of the problem, but they are fragile, baked and unbaked. Yet other people feel as though they can touch them/pick them up or use my clay without asking. I’m really worried someone is going to drop a baked figure or squish an unbaked one or otherwise ruin something I’ve worked very hard on. I have a really hard time asserting myself and saying no, especially to easily offended people. But I can’t just sit there and watch them potentially ruin my figurines. So, is there any way I can (without hurting their feelings) let them know I don’t want to them to touch/use my stuff? Also, are my feelings reasonable, or am I overly worried?


I’m sorry, this is a little too off topic. I would recommend taking this topic to a self help forum.