Pendragon Rising — Seize the throne in the age of King Arthur!

nada… makes sense if we ever get a sequel and mordred would be the villain…


That other romance path with the warrior companion whose name I don’t recall is quite nice; I preferred it over Morgan’s!


I know who you’re talking to and I totally agree with you there! I haven’t played this in a while, so I don’t remember their name either, but there’s something I find very attractive about tall, strong, stoic women.

Hey dev nice story but I m disappointed because most games have a quiet goòd epilogue at least when this story ends I hoped there will be a part 2 and i checked it but it isn’t available .It’s the first time I had seen so sudden and vauge end .I don’t know what happened to the lover girl
I don’t know where the child will go
I don’t know whether anything will happen to the brother because we are supposed to die if we became the king so …
I don’t know whether lover will live with me in future

And so many more …:disappointed_relieved::disappointed::worried::pensive::tired_face::sob::frowning_face_with_open_mouth::anguished::weary::scream:

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Does anyone know how to romance Cai/Gaia?

Arthur’s story doesn’t end very well. He is killed by his bastar son he had with Morgana while his knight were fighting among themselves.

If we’re following Pendragon’s story, it can’t end well.

it’s sad that there is not sequel. there is lot of potential for that. :confused:


Ive been repalying this game, and i think this might be the only game were the main character can be pregnant for a portion of the game.

There have been games were you can have children, but its usually after a time skip.