Pelottomia Susia: Mercenary for Hire (WIP) (Updated 12/27/2017)



I kind of like seeing how much of a jerk or angel the game sees me. Even if it serves no practical use, it still adds to the immersion of the game


I just finished the demo and I’m in awe already. The main character is very unique and you can shape them however you like, the background info is a nice touch, the whole equipment and dossier option is so cool and a new thing, I haven’t seen before in such a game.

I can really see how much thought you put into the details and everything else and can’t wait for more! :smile:


Hello. I just started the demo but I felt the need to comment that it is very interesting to see you can choose a religion, I can’t quite remember when a CYOA let me do this. Additionally, marking actions accordingly with their labels makes it not confusing (or to avoid such brute language – lucid/clear) to assume the origins of choices and their triggers.


There is that one WIP where there’s some insane group in which each person is a sin (the name eluded me). It lets you pick your religion as well.


Isn’t it called Monsters?


Yeah, that’s the one.


Now I’m interested in trying it out. I’m a big fan of character creation so religion is usually something very important to a person; it’s nice to see it as something you can choose and shape your character.

Also, I included a Jewish religion option.

Currently I’m re-doing the prologue and adding a few new characters. I finished part 1 and now I’m moving to part 2 (the robbery).

I also made it possible to choose if you follow any kind of food diet, like vegetarian, vegan, halaal and so on. I’ll see if in the next few days I update with more information about these new characters.


Religion is something you can very rarely define for your character in games, especially if we’re talking about realistic settings. Aside from your game and Monsters, I know of The Guild 2 where you can pick between Catholic and Protestant faith and in Mass Effect 1 in one of conversations with Ashley you could say whether you’re a believer or not (I don’t think Ashley’s faith is ever stated, but it strongly suggested some variant of Christianity). Can’t think of anything else.


The latest South Park game also has that option, plus a bunch of other character options.

Try picking Lawful Scientologist.


the whole wip had me hooked into the game already. it’s really cool you seem to be really knowledgeable about the guns and firearms so everything feels more realistic while playing this.


This WIP has definitely caught my attention. Having a CoG based around being a mercenary and set in a realistic world definitely makes sense. The opening hooked me and drew me into the world and it helps that I like stat based games.


It was pretty cool, i wonder where the story will go


Oooh found another anticipated game! The realistic consequences… The gameplay… love it… Still needs refining tho.


I love it. I especially like the stats system - feels like an RPG, and the chance to buy gear to improve your changes.

The morality question of your first mission is very intriguing; I can’t wait for more!


Hey all, progress report.

Just finished rewriting the bank fight from scratch (phew) and now I’m moving to rewrite part 3 of the prologue. So far so good. Part 1: 13k; Part 2: 14k (words not including code). Full path with knives only or just hand to hand combat included!

I have one question though. When it’s all over, the robbers are dead and/or injured on the ground. Carter then asks you what does it feel like to be a hero; what would be your reply if you wanted to flirt? :slight_smile:


My replay if I wanted to flirt would be,
“I feel like I can do anything. Just think what I could do with a bad ass partner like you by my side all the time, in any situation.”