Patreon questions

I tried reading a bit through some previous posts about use of patreon but there was a bit of back and forth so I hope you guys don’t mind if try and figure this out here.

My main question is- is having a patreon and linking to it on our wips something we would be allowed to do without issue? Aside from having it to where you have to become a patron to play (which seems like a resounding no), are there any other things to keep in mind?

To make it simple, the game is still available to everyone, patron or not, but tiers would include things like suggestions to add to the story, access to information about what is going to be in the story before it’s added, or maybe even the ability to create an npc for the story.

Is this something that would be okay, or no?

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I’d have liked to move this to the relevant thread, but for thread-historical reasons it’s locked away in the Plaza.

Anyway, the upshot of the back and forth there is that past authors have got the greenlight from CoG for using a Patreon to build a supportive fan community, offering stuff similar to what you mention.

I think you’ve got a good sense of what wouldn’t be allowed, and what would be OK.

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