So I’ll probably get flak for posting anything period matter of fact I’ll probably get in trouble for posting something this random. Now first off before I say anything about anyone else I know I have my specific moments of impatience as show by a couple of my posts especially when it comes to games I get hooked with as wips but I try to work on that and for the most part when I’m feeling impatient I tend to try and not post on CoG because for the longest as far as I can remember we had the four original games choice of dragon, broadsides, romance, and vampires and then we had something around four hosted games to play and what ever works in progress their where. so my question that all of those random ramblings led up to is why are so many people being so impatient we have gotten more games in the last six months than we had for a year and a half and though I’ve never written a cog and don’t plan on it I can appreciate how difficult and how time consuming it is to write a story where to some extent the person reading has control over where the story goes. By no means am I saying it’s any easier to write a normal book but they are effectivly writing a single book from multiple peoples perspectives so come on folks these people work pretty dang hard weather you can see it or not… I kinda feel like this whole rant was uncalled for to a certain extent and if I’m out of line feel free to let me know I just feel that the writers here never really tell anyone to be patient even though I’ve seen a couple here who had every right to tear some people up and I wanted to get this out before I decided it was in my best interest to single a person out

and I know I’m a completely random person but I’ve lurked weather I’ve had an account or not for the better part of a couple years now so I don’t completely feel like a scrub when I’m writing this


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I actually agree with you and there’s nothing objectionable about this post, at least in my opinion :slight_smile: I’m glad you understand. It took me 13 months to write Trial of the Demon Hunter. Granted, I have school and work which took up a lot of my time, but still; these gamebooks take months or years to create so I’m glad you’re appreciative of that.


I must agree what can I say great games tend to take time, however I can feel the pains of people. Patience is a pain and something I do not like. But it’s always nice to have ones such as yourself.


@Arcania trust me I understand patience being more of an annoyance than it is anything else I do understand wanting the games right away (personally if I had less self control half the drafts that I’ve deleted would have been posted lol)

@Samuel_H_Young that’s part of the point of why I posted this whole thing I mean don’t get me wrong I understand that some of these cogs have made a decent bit of money no I have no idea how much anyone here has ever made but for the most part while these games are in production people do have lives that they are required to participate in which includes stuff that makes it to where you may not have time to work on the story.

But like I said before for the most part this was me ranting about something that isn’t a large issue just somethin I wanted to get off my chest and I’m glad I wasn’t taken the wrong way and that it didn’t seem offensive so thanks to those who read the post *waves then runs away*


Ah what can I say, @TheFallen I understand completely.


Patience is a virtue… One that I don’t have time for. You’re off for 3 months? I’m gonna ask for a goddamn update on your stuff. Some people on here just don’t have enough respect for their fans to say “Alright, I’m giving up, don’t expect more.”. They just ditch the story and leave people wondering.


Well true but with no computer to work on such things, such things tend to happen. *sigh* But you do have a point. I feel the shame.


@Talon5505 didn’t you like deuce out on cog for a while? Lol love you. Not that I don’t understand what your saying but for the most part you can tell if something’s dead and if not pm or email the author and this attracted a bit more attention than I wanted to with this post I wasn’t trying to make a statement really I can’t count on both Hands and feet how many works in progresses that I was reading that I thought were promising that died in the water and trust me I get the annoyance or frustration or whatever it is when you really like some ones story and they quit and don’t say anything all this post was really about though was maybe not jumping down authors throats about updates and things of that matter I acctualy made the point to state that I was doing this before I stupidly said any thing to any one in specific.


Sorry, I was a jackass there. Welp, time to stalk the forums. It’s that time of day.


I tottaly agree. Even if its annoying to wait for games, the best ones take time. I follow cog since they began and only had these four games. I remember how i fell in love with them. Its choice of broadside and choice of dragon that really got me into interactive adventures and i still play them some times. I am a really impatiend person and its been a few days i have seen that a few games are coming out soon and believe me, i am burstling with excitation. I tried playing other interactive adventures and none come close the the perfection of choice of games.