Patience is a virtue


Anyone wanna donate better internet :stuck_out_tongue: ?


I just downloaded Dying Light the other day (ps4). Didn’t even get to play it the day I downloaded it cause it took so long. It was telling me 13 hours (not as long as it’s telling you, I’ll admit), and was moving so slowly, then, for some reason, I got the idea to turn off the internet connection and turn it back on, and it sped up a great deal. Just did that for the rest of the time, and got through it in less than 2 hours.

Then I started playing, got to a certain part, and it told me that it hadn’t downloaded the required part yet… and I had to wait another hour or so for it to finish downloading…

I love it though. Certain parts freak me out like you wouldn’t believe, but I won’t spoil it for you.


DO i have to do it repeadetly or once


Wait are you talking about the demo or is the full game out already?


I’m not sure about the PC version. It allowed me to play the game even though it hadn’t completely finished downloading. The second thing that was downloading WHILE I was playing was about 17 gb though.

It’s the full game, by the way.


It’s on steam. strong text


The full game is available via download only in the UK the disc version was delayed till the end of the month :frowning: