Path of Fire (WIP) [Updated 3/17/19]



It is supposed to end after picking the color of your stone because that’s the end of chapter 1. The author is working on chapter 2 right now and it’ll be released when she’s finished, so let’s be patient and support the author while she works on the new chapter!

I don’t think I can answer for the author but just because a character has the same name as another character from another story doesn’t mean they need to have the same personality?


Sorry it has taken me so long to respond. Robin/Robyn is my take on the legend of Robin Hood with a slight twist that will be revealed in game.

Though one major difference is that my R doesn’t steal from rich just to give back to the poor. There is a very specific reason that R steals and helping people is just a bonus.

I hope this answers your question.


The Emperor’s name is Aghadi and you don’t meet him in the first chapter. I’ve only mentioned him in a couple of posts. I am currently, also, working on a prologue that will help introduce the player, fully, to Ioria and it’s people.

I hope this helps.


Fay, I would like to thank you for your continued support of me and for answering people when I was unable to. I appreciate it a great deal.

Thank you so, so much. :hugs:


No problem! I’m glad that you appreciate my help and I’ll do my best to support you :smile:


So…when I change the name of my panthere…and say ‘‘I didn’t name HER’’…does that mean I can change her gender ?

cose after that…it goes back to HE…


In future updates you will be able to change your familiars gender. However, for now, that is just a typo. I decided to not give the option, for now, because I’m new to coding and I didn’t want to do something I might not be able to do. However I’m more confident now so, hopefully, soon I will add the option.

I hope this helps.


I’ve noticed that if you choose “I need to see what’s happening for myself” you don’t get to choose a familiar. Unless it’s supposed to be like that.


It is, if you choose that you want to see the festival for yourself you don’t go anywhere near where your familiar will be. However that, similar, choice will come back for the player’s that weren’t able to choose. However I will be adding another choice to the festival scene relatively soon.

I hope this helps.


Don’t worry too much, I’m sure you’ll get to have a chihuahua hellhound as your familiar in the end.


Haha, is this an “Atheina: Story of the gods” reference? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I guess I’m just gonna stick with the wolf, though. What did y’all choose?


I mean… it does say wolf but I get this nagging feeling the mutt is quite chihuahua-y.


Panthere…wanted to stick with Bagheera name…cose all those years I though she was a female…turn out she wasnt! and she isnt either in this story…for now anyway . But yeah , a Panthere is new…so yay!

beside…remind me of my black cat…so win win :stuck_out_tongue:


narrows eyes


But I do remember going with a wolf when this first came out as my familiar.


I love wolves :wolf: :heart:

And of course I had to pick wolf when I had the option to!


I’m glad you all seem to like the wolf familiar :grinning:.

I will try my best to add the gender choice as soon as I can.


Also here’s the Caspian sketch I’m currently reworking on because I messed up the other one. I just wanted to share it with you guy’s here on the forum. :grinning:

I hope you like him.


Love the chapter 2 update!!! I hope to see more :smiley:


The demo sounds fabulous based off of the summary but there’s one thing that amuses me very much…

I’ll edit my comment when I actually read the demo but, based on the desc. of all the male ROs has me in tears because all of them are 6ft+ and sound super big and beefy :joy:. Like hey, I can appreciate that perfect, tall, god-like anatomy (like have you seen roman/greek sculptures??? Makes me wanna quite painting and take up making statues) but isn’t that kinda weird? Like if it’s natural in the world then it’s ok but if it isn’t then that’s one hell of a coincidence that all the 6ft people are congregating near the MC lmao. Also I know army people tend to be more brooding and bulky but it doesn’t lessen the sheer ridiculousness of that visual. Either way I’ll take it UwU

Edit: Review has been made in a new comment!


Thank you for your kind words. I appreciate them greatly :grin:.

For your question: yes it is natural in that part of the world. Ioria is indigenous for having… tall people I guess is the way to put it. That’s why Ayleth is so short compared to Robyn, Loreena and even Esmé. She wasn’t born in Ioria.

However I did have shorter male, and female, ROs but I decided to cut back on the number that I had because I felt like it was too much. So I kept the one’s I had the most backstory on, which are the ROs listed above.

I hope this helps/makes sense.