Path of Fire (WIP) [Updated 3/17/19]

that is cool artwork


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This art work look cute


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I love it. I am used to reading manga so it feels good and easy to follow. But why not make graphical game instead of text game?

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Because making visuals is hard and takes a long time.

Well, a graphical game requires art. Which takes a lot of time and effort, and text-based games are easier to make. All that is required is knowing how to write and code, unlike a graphical game with visuals. Also Choice Of Games only hosts text-based games, if an author would want to make a graphical game they’d have to host it somewhere else. You’re most likely never going to find a graphical game on this forum. Maybe a few other threads that’ll link you to another website with non-text based games.



Cool art mah dude.

Just had a play through and it has caught my interest, only real gripe I have is how the kids don’t really feel like kids. At first I was reading pretty fast so I may have missed some stuff and maybe by kids we mean like 12-13 or something but they talk very formally, though a part of the MCs culture may be that they are tight asses or something so this may have been intentional and I just missed it.

It’s mainly the first real choice you get when your talking with the guy who saved you about if you resent him or not, and for the circumstances it just feels waaaaaaaaaay too formulated and analytical. I appreciate how it fully describes our feelings, but for continuity it may be nicer if we don’t directly say what is written, but still think it. I’ll get a quote or something when I can to show my point better.

EDIT: Yeah just quickly checked, and the first pages middle option just feels too… robotic to me. It feels like an analysis of the characters feelings rather than a proper raw response, especially in the circumstances they are going through a bit of extra anger or sadness would definiatly be forgivable. This isn’t a deal breaker or anything and it’s fine if you don’t change anything, just felt like giving my two cents.

Another thing that made me question how old we really are is when the MC tackles a soldier, and apparently actually moves him pretty substantially instead of just awkwardly grappling him.

Again I was reading pretty fast so I may have overlooked stuff, or simply underestimate kids, but I dunno, just felt hard to feel like the MC was truly a child.

Looking forward to more genocide though, fun times.

Becoming withdrawn to the point of almost seeming robotic is actually a pretty normal response when dealing with such heavy traumas the mc just faced. Emotional stunting is a also common result of events that–at this point from the mc’s perspective–make no sense. Without the ability to get an answer, or to rationalize what just happened, one way the mc can realistically respond is by becoming very closed off to others.

Little kids can be surprisingly strong when they feel driven about accomplishing something, but I think more than half the victory in knocking the soldier over was taking him by surprise. :wink:

I think the fact that the MC is also a dragon shape shifter might’ve added a little boost to their strength because they’re not human.