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Hi everyone! I’m currently working on the demo for my game and I was wondering if any of you were interested in seeing it at its completion.

It’s called Path of Fire.


You were young when it happened. Too young to think that it was anything besides the festivities of Winterwane. However that all changed when the screaming started. You remember the cataclysmic fire spreading towards you; reaching out with its fiery grasp. You can still remember the warmth of it on your face. The way it seemingly caressed you, as a mother would her child. Its cruel intention hidden beneath its warm embrace.

You didn’t even notice when it licked your palm, until the icy cold air swept passed your still open hand as you were being taken away from the carnage towards your parents.

Your parents who were normally so strong were shaking in fear. Their eyes shining brightly below the moonlit sky. You still remember the desperation in which they took you in their arms. You remember their voices whispering into your ear.

You remember being yanked from their arms. You remember the screams unending in the wintery storm. You remember, as you were taken to safety, how odd it was to see so much red in a world so white.

You remember, every day, the moment when you lost everything.

You would never forget; for as long as you shall live you will aspire to take revenge on the ones that massacred your people.

Afterall… when you poke the dragon expect to be burned.

Overall Summary

The MC was a child when their people were killed by the Empire. They only survived because they were quickly rushed out of the village and into the safety of the mountains surrounding them.

You will take on the role of child MC who has to decide on who they want to become. Do they want to let their peoples deaths control them? Or do they want to try to find a common middle ground? The choice, of course, is yours to make! As the MC grows older dand learns more about their heritage, their powers will coalesce into their true persona (the person you want them to become).

You can play as female, male or non-binary

I also want to note that this game will NOT be stat based. I’m more for the story aspect of this novel. Though stats will play a part in deciding key factors, it is not a key point.

Romance Options

There will be a total of 7 ROs (though I may add a few more), if you would like to know more about each one feel free to contact me (besides, of course, the information given below).

Loreena- The Knight Captain of the Imperial Army. She is a very loyal and duty bound woman; never once straying from her path. Until she meets the MC of course. She is tall at 6’0", with shoulder length black hair and impassive hazel eyes. Loreena is not one that most would want to trifle with. (Unless your MC is a jokester that is.)

Robin/Robyn- R is my take on Robin Hood with a little twist. R is a very mischievous yet loyal person. Who takes loyalty very seriously amongst their men. Especially since their men know R’s secret. A secret that R may very well tell the MC if they trust you enough.

Robin is tall at 6’6" with broad shoulders and a chiseled jaw. His golden brown hair is of medium length and kept in a pony tail to stay out of his eyes. His golden brown eyes sparkle with mirth but a darker entity resides behind his easy smile.

Robyn is fairly tall at 5’10" with a more lithe build to her. Her golden brown hair falls to her shoulder blades and is kept in a loose braid. Her golden brown eyes are quick to show their emotions but whether or not they’re truly what she feels? Well that’s for you to find out.

Edmund- Edmund is R’s second in command and the one that keeps everything in order. He is a very guarded individual, only letting the ones he cares for passed his iron walls. Unlike R, Edmund is not one to trust someone right off the bat. He believes that you earn respect/trust, and whether or not you achieve it? Well let’s hope you do.

Edmund is 6’2" with broad shoulders and a bulky build. His brown hair is kept short and his dark green eyes are well guarded. His mouth is always pressed into a line; as if he believes that if he smiles it would be the end of the world. (Which to be fair it might be.) He is very close with R and his gang but to outsiders… you would have better luck with a grizzly bear, but once he trusts you. It’s hard to get rid of him (not that you would want to).

Esmé- Esmé is the leader of the Merchants Guild. She is a very crafty and charming individual. Though that doesn’t make her any less forthcoming than the next person. Esmé is a woman who, while she can be very polite and passive, is also very blunt. Most of the time she doesn’t see social cues unless it’s something that she is familiar with. Which ends up making for interesting conversations in the long run.

She is 5’7" with long, wavy brown hair and warm caramel colored eyes. She is a very open and honest person but she does (like all the ROs) have her dark side. Her full lips are usually pulled up into a smile, that will soon have everyone (yes even you Edmund) smiling.

Ayleth- Ayleth is the village mage. She is a very snarky and sarcastic person. Who uses her words to deflect people’s attention. (Mages aren’t the most popular people in small villages.) Though once you get passed her steely exterior, you’ll find a heart of gold waiting to be cherished.

Ayleth is 5’5" with long red hair with sparkling brown eyes. She is always smiling or laughing in front of people, but once the attention is off of her you can see her smile fall just slightly.

Caspian- He is the Imperial Spymaster. He was tasked to locate and identify the MC to bring them back to the capital for execution. Of course, not everything went to plan. Caspian is a very vain and arrogant individual, as well as being very secretive. However, as with most secrets, you can’t take them at face value.

He is 6’4" with medium length silvery white hair with pale blue eyes. His mouth is usually pulled up into his signature smirk and his eyes are icy without emotion. Though at some moments you can see a glimmer of something there that wasn’t there before.

Cedric- Cedric is the youngest out of all the ROs. Though he has also known the MC the longest, which is something he likes to brag about. He is the son of the village chief and is a hopeful knight. Cedric is a very bashful person but in certain situations his bashfulness can be replaced by bravado. (Something that some players might love to see.)

Cedric is 6’3" with blonde hair and sparkling green eyes. He is muscular, but not as bulky as Edmund is. His tan skin is an easy way to see if he is embarrassed or not; i.e. his blush.

If you have any more questions feel free to message me on my tumblr, here


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