Partner needed!


How much are you planning for the artist to make and what?


i need many pics and faces anime stlye and other stuff


For each character?


no its random


for the story i also need landscapes


What kind city ,dessert , forest , hidden secret camber that holds the kings deepest darkest secrets? Well it could happen right… I can also help with writing, want sample of fan fiction I wrote for empowered?


forest and city mainly


and there will be many others but for the first chapter only forest and city mainly


srry gotta sleep
bye bye


I-) I-) I-) I-) I-) I-) I-) I-)


I think that means deep sleep night rule


i am back but have to go to school


Hey you in yet?


wat?? i came right now i was outside


Hey so what kind of game is it ? Objective?


the ninja game i made i am editing it @fantom is helping so his writing is better than mine, he like makes the scene better


but we will all get equal credit, i do not care about who deos more work we r all a team


even though i am doing most of the work :stuck_out_tongue: but i think fantom will soon be done as much work as cause he takes his time to write while i quickly make the rough copy and he edits it but i also do the coding which is pretty time consuming


I don’t care about credit I just like to help , you need character busts


I can also help with writing ask wolf writer who makes empowered:D