Partner needed!


ok i think i need a partner cause my writing is not that good and i am too lazy to revise all my stuff i need a partner who just knows how to write. u will get credit


and a artist but that is not compulsory but it would be great if i had a fulltime artist


any 1? :confused:


Relax. You do not need to keep posting, especially since you just made this thread today (well, I guess yesterday now for me).

Gotta give people time.


iam not a patience man well boy but yeah REPLY !!! X(


@irule9344 Chill, dude, be cool like me B-)


well acually arnt u kindda like my partner do want to become full time partners or just like partners for ur game??


Full time if you want.


i don’t know if it is a good decision i just don’t feel like it for some reason


i feel like i need some1 else


Doesn’t matter, it’s whatever you want man.


i think i should wait a little


and i just need some1 who knows how to write so if there is some1 that wants to make a game but can’t code then this would be a great partnership for them


Why don’t you ask some of the people you’re working with already?


ahh cause i know that they don’t need a partner


Oh. Then just ask them if they know someone.


no a disscusion will be esier


Still need someone to help with writing? I’d be willing to help.


yeah!!! k i have to sleep now but i will pm u tommorow and who r u anyways never heard of u, u new here?


i still need an artist