Parody story titles


I have a little fun with my friend regarding an old story concept we had about a magic detective they were always nameless and the story never had a title it was always a little fun what if brainstorming kind of thing whenether we were struggling with a scene in our own projects. Well while talking to him today I thought of a hilarious (imo) name for the detective.


which is obviously a parody of another famous detective. So my friend replied with an idea for a parody title for a story based on a parody detective.

Warlock Bones and the hellhounds of Baskerville

so on to the point of this topic, its a fun little thing to do coming up with simple fun stuff. So here is a little fun challenge using this parody name come up with potential parody titles. I look forward to seeing what everyone can come up with.



Warlock Bones and the Scarlet Letter


Parody titles are so fun

Warlock Bones and the signs of the Four Horsemen.


Warlock Bones and the Adventure of the Mass Grave Rituals

Am I doing it right? :laughing:


Yes. Yes you are😊.

Nice work.

And another from my friend.

Warlock Bones and the Curious Case of Dr Rotson.


Warlock Bones and The Adventure of the Undying Detective


Enjoying what people are coming up with.

I’ve got a virtual cookie for anyone who can come up with a good parody of Morriarty as the best I got so far is

Warlock Bones and the Count of Morriarty


Warlock Bones and the Memento Moriarty


Heres your cookie :fortune_cookie: it’s a fortune cookie too


:joy: @Avery_Moore (20 characters)


Warlock Bones & The Song of Solomon


Warlock bones the return of warlock bones.
Warlock bones and the valley of love


Warlock Bones; A Siren In Bohemia

Btw, there’s an actual book series called Warlock Holmes by G.S. Denning. First book’s ‘A Study in Brimstone’


How about Sherlock Holmes and the Sixth Grade Detective? :smile:

Or Harry Potter and the Zombie Exodus :fearful:


Warlock Bones and 50 shades of Moriarty