Overkill: The Tropes [more or less a parody] update 12/12/2020 [HERO up; VILLAINESS complete]

Actually yes. There’s a secret to achieving that though. :grin:

There’s actually a secret to the dark lord. I’m not gonna spoil it so I’ll just dodge this question. Sorry about that. :sweat_smile:


that’s okay! but i won’t lie, that made me even more curious haha :eyes:

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Well then… Back to playing the demo i guess


Oh, my! I’m so jealous that everyone is able to play it. Meanwhile the game keeps resetting for me. First when I tried to take a look at my stats after selecting the overpowered hero route, and then when I asked the people why they were at war. :-((( I wonder if I should play on my laptop instead. But I just wanted to say, from the first few pages, that this is a delightful and hilarious story! I’ll revisit it once I retrieve my laptop from wherever it’s hiding.

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Thank you so much for playing! I appreciate it.

I checked on this problem you mentioned but it works just fine on both my laptop and phone. Maybe you could try choosing the I'm done interrogating option so that it doesn’t loop. Otherwise, you’ll still get to ask the royals more questions.

As for the stats, I still haven’t uploaded the file for that so the screen would freeze if you click on the stats menu.

Also, thank you for the feedback!

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Thank you for letting me know! It’s going to be so much fun when I play “blind” without stats. And given that it’s deliberately all tropes, I’m sure I won’t miss out on too much if I don’t ask questions, right? It’s all blah blah dark lord prophecy I’m the chosen one etc. :DD Thanks again, both for making something so fun and for helping out with your answer :slight_smile:

*insert knowing smile here. :smile:

No problem!


I’ve always wanted to say no to being a hero and just walk away. Now that I did, I feel a whole lot better :grin: :+1: . A huge sigh of relief on my part.

Is the game supposed to end here?

“What?!” One magician says.

“The main army has been pushed back!”

Also, can I suggest putting at least something in the choicescript_stats.txt (or at least some kind of warning at the beginning) so the game doesn’t crash when you click on show stats?

can some one please help me with the villainess route ive been doing this for close to 3 weeks now and i still cant figure it out. im dying here :tired_face:

@Mari_Gold found this:

startup line 2064: Invalid set instruction, no expression specified: knowsDarklord

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Closed at author’s request