Outsiders (WIP with demo)


I’m glad to be your friend, Mara. Be assured that you are mine too :smiley:

At least I won’t be poisoned! I wonder if you did poison Zachary Garcia to get this famous… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Why save the world if you could be famous and rich in Television and films!!! Evil side os wonderful.


Indeed. You could have everything (almost) you want, so why would you fight with the Rebels? You could be a world wide famous actress!


Almost being the operative word here and we would still be a slave in a gilded cage in which we own nothing and nothing is ever truly ours, so there in a nutshell would be my character’s reasons to become a rebel, perhaps not to save the world so much as to save himself and avenge his loved ones.


There is no way I rebel rebels are unclean and love dirty ponies and hippie drugs. They become nasty people when they win . With those purges and boring executions.


Hehehehe. Of course it depends it you are ready to live in your own golden cage, instead of fighting for your rights.

The Rebels are interesting, at least I think so, but my favorite company and path (we’ll see if it changes along the way as we will write) is OutZone. I think, the hardest thing for the rebels, will be that they are against multinationals companies, powerful adversaries. All they have to defend themselves, are their powers, and their numbers. So, they will have to play their cards right, and try to gain allies along the way. But that won’t be easy. It would be boring, it it was :stuck_out_tongue:

The rebel path could be my second favorite, come to think of it.


I usually don’t like rebels because they are hypocrits. They want destroy power but ended becoming same power they were against and usually are to rude and violent. And about golden cages every one of us is in one . We can’t do all we want and we are constantly controlled taxes, police publi CV cameras security cameras … documents online ne data etc…


Not all “rebels” are Che Guevara types, Mara. Also not all rebels become nasty and vicious upon “winning”, admittedly a lot of them do, but on the other hand they’re often also no worse than the ones they rebelled against in the first place.


That’s correct but the term “rebels” does give me an image of peasantry or bottom class and anarchism. I feel like upper class rebels are “dissidents” or “seditionists” instead.

In fact I would love to play in a (maybe secretly) dissident company. I’m not sure how the world and the companies work but it would be nice to have a multinational that uses its status and wealth to further some political agenda that is detrimental to the current system and even itself. Nationalism, for instance.


Hehehehehe. I won’t say anything about that. But I think I just did :smirk:


I see. Not a problem, I can wait.

searches frantically for book on psychoanalysis in hope of interpreting “Hehehehehe”


The issue is mostly me writing more, than your ability to wait :joy:

I can’t give away all the secret before the fun part even begins, right? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Now I know why they don’t share any secrets with you Ms. French Panther… kissing and telling are truly an art aren’t they?


It’s a great beginning. I look forward to seeing it in the appstore in the future. Keep up the good work.


Hey, it’s been a while, (it’s an understatement) but I just wanted to say that I’m not forgetting this project.

Thanks to NaNoWriMo, I’ll work on Outsiders whenever I have the time, as well as on Across (not forgetting it either.)

Thank you so much for your support, you’re all awesome. :rose:

Well, I better stop procrastinating.


I have been waiting a long time to hear those words :heart_eyes: : I love both projects :revolving_hearts:


I’m so glad you love them!

Thank you!


Can anyone use the link or is it just me.


It’s still the old drop box link so it won’t work, @Snowpanther will get a new one


Cool , thanks by the way