Outsiders (WIP with demo)


Still being worked on, albeit slowly, but we work either on the plot, the characters or the scenes.

Good point, I’ll make sure to include a dialogue or something about them. They are developped (at least I think so :stuck_out_tongue: ), though mysterious for now, as the MC doesn’t really have time to think why they should run from them.
(Maybe in the second flashback, though)

So, the Agents are a “unit”, a police force of some sort, dealing with Outsiders. They have an important role too, but I guess you’ll see it in the end of chapter one! :smiley:


Really, I think my character would resent being forced to become a corporate mercenary no matter what they pay him. He would after all not like to work for the people who casually murdered his family and being forced to become an employee of any of them is only something he will do because it’s apparently required just to survive in this world. They can’t force him to be a good or even just decent employee however.
I think my mc’s instinct would be to become as lazy and demotivated of an employee as possible and work to actively game the corporate system in order to avoid most actual work.


Different strokes for different folks.

I’m the type of person that becomes motivated if you give me all I want.

If you want quality work, I expect quality pay.


Whereas I would be “if you want quality work don’t casually murder my family, oh wait it’s a bit to late for that isn’t it”.
A fancy mansion isn’t going to bring back his family or even his (former) friends into his life now is it.
Basically they can’t buy their way out of that one because my mc wouldn’t be inclined to let them.

I’ll most likely go for the Rebel path and if so my mc will only pretend to be a good employee of one of the megacorps if he has to infiltrate them in order to bring them down.


What if you didn’t have the choice? You could still try to rebel, or escape, I suppose.


Very true, here’s to hoping we can link up with the Rebels before being scooped up by one of the companies.
As for escape, escape where to? If they already caught my mc once, what’s to stop them from doing it again?
Given how unethical the corps seem they’ll also likely implant trackers and kill-switches in their outsiders, which would make just simply escaping a less then attractive option.


In at least one company, escape will be possible.
And I think the rebel path is actually one of the “hardest” (meaning, brace yourself).
But yes, you can, and will, be in contact with the rebels before.
That’s where Abby leads us.


Dam I was getting into that I shouted nooooo when it ended I hope some more


There is so much more to come…and so little written :sweat:

As it is a side project (which is also a big one), I try to focus my effort (when we don’t procrastinate, Nathan and I :stuck_out_tongue: ), on my other main project.

So, indeed, updates will be slow, but be assured that we won’t abandon it. Too much is planned already, I can’t wait to show you all the characters :grin:


If you need help with plot lines, characters, and logo. I’m willing to help.

As long as you promise to include my penthouse in NY, my first-class flight anywhere and anytime I want, and my supermodel girlfriends.



It’s okay, we don’t have issues with them for now, as we focus on one path at a time. The difficulty will be to tie all the events together, from different perspectives.

Thank you for the offer, though :wink:

(And you will get your model, just make sure to go in SolidVision :wink: )


Which one of the megacorps would that be? Not that it would matter to my mc cause he despises them all equally.


The media one, with Zachary Garcia. The one mentioned in the flashback. :slight_smile:


So these will not change your mind?

Like even a little?

Come on. Just take your pick. There. Good lad.

Now say it with me, ‘SOLIDVISION’

P.S. It was difficult to find pictures of them not wearing bikinis and lingerie. Hahahah…


Might’ve worked if you’d used a picture with hot guys. Pretty sure @idonotlikeusernames isn’t swayed by this in the least :stuck_out_tongue:


There you go. And this is like one of their few pics wherein they at least have something in their upper body.

All the pics I’ve seen in Google, they always go shirtless, far out. Hahahaha…

Now is this convincing enough?



Personally, I’m OUTZONE all the way. And it’s the first company which will be first written :stuck_out_tongue:

Did we give you the four names yet? (can’t remember)


Mmm…well…maybe, but only if they also let me kill the agents that murdered my mc’s family…gruesomely.

If they try the tactic of your first picture though, it would just be “Hell No!”, so I guess it all depends on just how gay friendly or homophobic this game-world is.


To give you an idea, the main thing that will matter is either you’re an Outsider or not, and a rebel or a loyal minion.

I guess the rest is not as important for people.
We may develop this aspect later, when we will design the rebel path.

Suggestions are always welcome :wink:


In other words you’re trying to say that outsiders have got absolutely no rights whatsoever and are virtual slaves who are at best given a nicely gilded cage, don’t you?