Outsiders (WIP with demo)


A good start - I’ll send proper feedback in private.

The dolphins are quiet tonight.

Just keep your focus little kitty or you will mix the stories together.


Ah, thanks for your concern, I’ll keep the advice in mind :wink:


Time to tease you all:

Here’s what to expect on the different paths:

-Fight in the arena to the death. Become champion and win the love of the audience, or conspire with a cunning director to take over…
-Become a subject under tests to understand the Outsiders better. Will you comply and help them? Or will you sabotage it all?
-Join the largest media coverage of the world. Become the biggest celebrity the world has ever known, or ruin the reputation of others.
-Become a part of a task force to protect the innocent. Will you become a hero or a fiend?
-Or join no company and conspire with other Outsiders to fight for your freedom.


Hehehe, even I want to play it right now, well done! :grin:

But we both know what we have to do :wink:


What the hell man? How can you betray me like that and end the demo just like that? :sob:

On a happier note, It is good to see another interesting and promising WIP pop up, especially when the last couple of months have been kinda stale in the forum with zero updates for months on my fav WIPs.

I really enjoyed this short demo and I am looking forward for more.


Thanks, and I’m a woman :stuck_out_tongue:

Glad you enjoy it so far, I began to write chapter one, hope it won’t be too long until the next update.


Your a kitty. A kitty with an evil twin. Don’t trust a kitty, especially a snow kitty.


No, no,no don’t anger kitty or kitty go ballistic and bite you


Kitties are all evil, so if a kitty had an evil twin… shiver


Special thanks to my Evil Twin @Zolataya, for managing to derail my thread :stuck_out_tongue:

On another topic, which company would you all be interested to work in? Or would you rather join the “rebels”?


Who else for Test subject/Task force??
Or if all else fails, rebels it is.

@Snowpanther Do they know the names, yet?


I’ll join whichever company will give me an exclusive and fully-furnished penthouse in a high-class NY flat/apartment.

That or a high-class flat in Chelsea/Mayfair or a mansion in Beverly Hills.

Plus first class airfare everytime I want to travel.


Oh plus six-figure salary plus pension and stock options! With all those, I’ll do anything they want including walking their dog in the park every morning.


I’m afraid you’ll have to be patient, then, to earn all of those :stuck_out_tongue:

Writes down those things to see where/if they could fit

@UmbraLamia, well, two of them are mentioned in the prologue. Quite obviously. It reminds me I’ll have to change the date of the creation, for plot/character background reason.


Pretty hard writing isn’t it, last minute edits, dealing with a tough crowd, figuring out how to write the story…


Mmmh, more like actually sitting at the desk and deciding to write, with no distractions/ other things to do around.

Once I have the scene in mind, it’s not that hard. But the hardest is to invent/represent the scene.

And stop procrastinating. Or multitasking.

The two companies mentioned are the media and “task force” ones.


Hey. I am a true rebel through and through. But bathing in the g(l)ory of battle in the arena doesn’t seem too bad either…
Hum, decisions, decisions.
Well even if I can’t decide on one of these there’s always the “good guys” ’ company.


Good guys, Ha, never I shall be loyal to the cause of the rebels (not saying until death since they would either be dead because of me, or I got bored and left. Plus I am not that loyal)


There’s no real good company or bad company. It’s just business for them. You will come across corruption in each one but not so much that it affects the entire company.


I know, it’s just that one of them (doesn’t remember which) have a clearly more “humane” goal than the others. I know that ideals doesn’t mean that they are actually better, but it still count… I guess. Anyway it’s just my vision of things, my word isn’t law… yet :smiling_imp:.


Gonna quickly bookmark this , since I really like the game , and I hope there’s still work being done (even though I know the authors have a lot going on right now :grin:)

Oh , and a bit of a nit pick I wanted to adress , I feel like the Agents are a bit underdeveloped , so a short paragraph regarding what the PC knows about them would be nice :wink: