Outsiders (WIP with demo)


Hogwarts meets X-Men.


Not really. No wands here xD


I suppose, I was thinking solely murder type scenarios. I doubt anyone would blame you if you killed in self defence.


There will be murders, but when I was referring to companies, I had one of them in mind, though I have to keep my mouth shut or I’ll spoil you. (Even if it’s the first path we will focus on).


I see, I thought you meant company as in the people you are with, damn the English language and all it’s intricacies!


Naw, @Snowpanther just didn’t phrase it properly.

And now, she’s going to kill me. XD


(Off-topic) You wouldn’t want to learn French :joy:

All I will say, is that in this Company ( :stuck_out_tongue: ), killing will be “encouraged”.

@UmbraLamia :bow_and_arrow: :smiling_imp:


So different companies will have different goals?

Wait, why am I asking this here? XD


Indeed, each of them have their own field of work.


The Outsider’s marks are referred to as birthmarks, but they don’t appear until the powers manifest. :no_mouth:

The light then fly over you
Should be The light then flies over you

Also, maybe you could add more choices, because we currently can’t really define our character.

Other than that, I think this has a really interesting concept, and I hope to see more of the demo in the future. :slight_smile:


Thanks. :smiley:

Yes, it is planned to add more choices. I’m currently busy with the other game, so I’ll just change the typo :wink:


I want to rob a bank. Then use the money to buy a property in Mayfair/Beverly Hills and also date a Victoria Secret model.

Will this game allow me to do that? :laughing:

Also buy a Phantom.

But what the heck, I could fly right? Who needs a car?


Very true.

But maybe it means the “birth” of the powers?


Mmmh maybe not all at once? We’ll see, this is one of the paths we have not yet planned.

Rob a bank? Possible, I’ll work on it :joy:

Buy a property in wherever it is? I’ll think about it, sure you don’t want a private island? After all, you’ll be “working” for the most powerful and wealthiest companies :wink:

Date a model? I don’t know yet :sunglasses:

What’s a Phantom?

Flying? Not in the sense you are implying, at least, we didn’t implement this power yet.


Exactly. :smiley:

It refers to the powers.


They’re called Birthmarks, not birthmarks, so maybe. I didn’t think of that.


XD So, “The Birthmarks”, and not “the birthmarks” ? XD Interesting…


Rob a bank. Preferably like the Bank of New York, Bank of London, something similar.

Private island. Too much maintenance. Plus even though I’m borderline introvert, I do want to hit the clubs and see people every now and then.

Date a model. Come on Snowie. Make my dreams come true. Alessandra Ambrosio! Hahahahah…

A Phantom as in the Rolls-Royce Phantom. It’s a type of luxury sedan.

You’re not going to include flying? What the heck kind of game is this? You have superpowers and yet there’s no flying! What rubbish! I want to be superman without them pants outside the trousers.

Kidding! Hahahahahah…


Well, the general population already hates and fears outsiders and it is common practice to use them as weapons, so I doubt their opinion of me can get any lower. I also plan on being a very stealthy person.

If my parents are pretty much in line with the typical citizenry, no one really knows why they hate outsiders (I was never given a reason at 12, and if I’m old enough to have children, I should be old enough to know about the world). I thought they were just trying to protect me from being caught in the back lash of unfounded prejudice, but now that outsiders killed my mom, there is a real problem and someone (me) needs to fix it (by eliminating the bad guys). People like vigilante superheroes who go around attacking people, because they only hurt bad guys.

I’ll probably kill a lot bad outsiders unintentionally while I’m trying to see if I can find a “cure” to remove the outsider Mark without killing them. If I’m successful, people will love me because I can save their child. So, I don’t really kill for other people’s powers. I just want to help others so they don’t have to go through the same ordeal I did while also avenging my parents’ deaths .


Maybe the fear of the outsiders was orchestrated by the Companies? Since they already use outsiders as “soldiers”, why not let the general populace fear them? Fear makes for quite an effective control method, even though it isn’t really the most humane. Just a speculation.