Outsiders (WIP with demo)


Congratulations Snowie! Finally you’re a game designer. Hahahahah…


Thanks Knight, next one, Until The End’s prologue :wink:


I’ll hold you on to that. I recognise some of the names with this game by the way. Hahahahah…

I’ll be looking forward to how you implement the powers/companies ideas.


I really loved it but I was wondering will there be a choice on what kind of powers we have


it would be nice to have an explanation of what exactly changed our stats, having to guess which movie would buff my strenght was kinda silly and resulted in LOTS of resets


I love that the description started with “In a world” reminds me of movie trailers from the 90s.


This is just a guess but from the description and the demo, I don’t suppose the MC’s power is like being able to take other people’s abilities and or talents. If that is the case it would be pretty cool. Would it be too spoilery to know the power(s) the MC has?


No spoilery at all, at least I don’t think so, as it is hinted in the first part of the presentation.

In case some people wouldn’t want to know before, I’ll put it in spoilers.

You are right, it is exactly what the MC is able to do, there are two ways to get them. Though there will be a downside if you take too much powers.

@Loriela You make a good point. I honestly didn’t expect anyone to reset the game so much time, but it makes sense. The whole thing was silly, but I agree that the bonuses should maybe be a little higher, and I should add a short description. Of course there will be plenty of way to increase them after.


I would assume there is the whole moral dilemma thing as well then since the two ways to get the power is by them sharing it willingly or by killing them and taking it forcibly?

If I’m correct then would the willingly one be only temporary or like a weaker version and the forcibly one is like you get full access to their ability/talent but at the cost of your humanity? There is also the way your friends and the populace in general would view you.

I mean if you just went around killing and taking people’s powers then I don’t imagine people would take to kindly to that. Another downside to the forcibly one could be it’s like an addiction or something akin to that?

This is just how I imagine the power would work I could be totally wrong and I’m sure you have your own idea already in mind. Still, the WIP is a very interesting idea and I look forward to further updates!


Excellent deduction, Sherlock :wink: It is something along those lines indeed.

Now I’ll keep my mouth shut to not reveal too much things :smiley:

I really look forward to show you more of the story, and I’m glad you all enjoy the story so far. We’re listening to all your suggestions and points, so, don’t hesitate to speak your mind.


Really? I just guessed that because that’s the kind of ideas I thought would be good. If that’s the case I am looking forward to it even more. :smiley: Also thanks for answering my questions!


I see Rower Pangers as an option, and my thoughts just come up with:

Row your booooaaaat!
Down the streeeaam!

Anyway I like the premise, but the way the flashbacks are structured makes the game feel dilapidated as I’m not sure what’s happening until the next flashback comes up. Why not put the scene where you’re being chased by Agents first before meeting up with the girl?


Because you are telling her why you are running, and this way I felt like a dialog would be uninteresting, as we (the players) would already know what happened.


The way it is now I thought, “Wait what? When did this escalate?” The whole scene just seems abrupt.


Is it made on purpose, though I hope it didn’t annoy you too much.


Not really, I just want to understand why it’s structured like that. Doesn’t mean I don’t like where this is going, though.


I don’t think the general population would look badly upon you of you kill outsiders and take their powers because everyone hates outsiders. You also don’t have to kill someone to forceably take someone’s powers as seen with the color girl Abby.

I don’t think I’d become addicted to killing outsiders, because I’d have some morals and only target the bad outsiders and be like Dexter. I’m a master of stealth (perception and intelligence combo?)and stalk my prey to make sure they’re evil, before I attack with the help of the resistance (of there is one).

@Snowpanther Will we have the option to experiment on a victim willing participant to see if we can completely remove the Mark and outsider powers from someone and cure them?

Also, some story games that do a child perspective well are Alter Ego and the Clemintine version of the Walking Dead game. Clem is young, but she’s still a competent zombie slayer and that’s what makes her great. Baby AJ is also so well done and likeable.


You might :grin: If you end up in the right company.


Killing is killing it doesn’t matter who you’re killing, you’re still a serial killer. I imagine it wouldn’t take long for the general populace to think “That guys has been killing lots of those freaks for a while…wait a minute what if he decides to start killing us normal people?! OH GOD HAVE MERCY ON OUR SOULS!!!” Obviously a little exaggerated but hopefully you see my point.

I didn’t mean you would get addicted to killing, I meant you would get addicted to the power you would gain from killing since it is my assumption that you would get a purer form of said victims power which in a sense could be addictive. So it would be like if you kill for power, ultimately you would crave more power leading the MC to kill more people to sustain that craving


The way killing is viewed also depends in which context, and in which company.