Out of curiosity, what was your assumed gender when your readers played/read your work/s?


To add, what was the assumed gender you thought of the author/creator in any of the games you’ve played or books you’ve read.

In my case I was thought to be a woman :girl: Hmmm, I wonder why? :no_mouth: lols

I honestly thought J.K. Rowling (Joanne “Jo” Rowling) was a man’s initials. Turns out he was a she whoops on my part. Lols.


Ever since I learned Jessica Blair was a guy, I stopped even trying to guess about authors and game designers/coders/developers…

As to gaming: Most of the MMO/FPS crowd assumed I was a guy until either they met me or heard my voice on VOIP, It was also assumed I was a guy when I first started testing software for the developers and publishers. This preconception was slowly changing for the better.


I get mistaken for a guy on various forums not infrequently, and have seen a the odd comment and review for written work I’ve had out there refer to me as a he. Doesn’t bother me to be honest :slight_smile: . I usually go under a name which could be either (and if in doubt, people usually go for “he” anyway.) Even that “we can tell if you are male/female by how you write” link that was up on the forums recently tells me I write more like a man than a woman lol. (I have no idea how that is meant to work, not convinced it does).

@honeymichie I’ve known Michelle’s to go by Mich or Michie. Don’t know, I’m just guessing!

JK Rowling’s story is a bit sad in a way and she was set up to appear as male which is probably where you got that from. To my understanding, her publisher wanted to publish her work using initials, telling her that boys wouldn’t read a book they knew was written by someone female. Her second pseudonym was “Robert Galbraith”. Gotta wonder if some of that advice stuck with her. I saw another article floating around recently which pretty much said the same thing, that men were more likely to be published than women in fiction, which was leading some to submit works under male or gender neutral names. Anyway, better not derail the conversation too far- back to the topic.


@Jacic Mine is Mikhail (silent “k”) lols not sure how the name became (female) Michie hehehe

A few of the forums that I’ve joined in assumed that I’m female. Which I really don’t mind, but it just makes me wonder as to what concluded it. And I do understand your statement

I’m the opposite. I usually turn into a girl, I find it really amusing. I should probably make my own version of a female writer then I’d solve my problem lols.

Anywho, I learned about the whole pseudo name of J.K. Rowling after her book became well known. Funny thing is, I never based her writing as male nor female. I took a guess simply because of the author name, but it never bothered me if the writer was male or female. I’m more interested if their books interested me not if a male or female wrote it.

If that’s a fact, then that’s just wrong. Maybe people still believe that females are more inclined to write romance novels were as males are more into writing fiction, sci-fi etc. Just a wild guess…and I think I’ll stop on that note as well.


I’m usually mistaken for a ‘she’ depending on the day they’re right and others their wrong and sometimes only half right…

I like to keep my enemies confused.


My name is Beth, this is clearly stated in the by line, but people have still assumed our game was written by two guys. I think it’s funny more than anything else.

Not a problem on forums where I tend to have a female avatar and all.


It’s pretty obvious I’m a dude. I am happy to post pics of myself and use my real name on social media, etc.

BUT…sometimes readers still think I am a TEAM of people. I’m guessing lots of other authors here have encountered that too; with readers assuming that because the game is published by HG that means that lots of people actively work on it all the time.


Hell, co-author, I had no idea!! I mean, I didn’t really think about it, but on some subconscious level, maybe I thought Felicity was the only female author on our project. I’m glad it doesn’t bother you! :smile:


Laughs you’re too funny Eric, I always thought you knew. :smile:


I totally thought you were a boy until @adrao told me otherwise. But I am terribly guessing I rarely get genders right on Internet. That’s why I tend to ask bluntly about it. Or just don’t care.


@MizArtist33 Avatars aren’t really a good source to guess someone’s gender. Anyone can paste a picture of something even an insect lols. :blush: So, um, can I ask how your readers concluded you as a male writer? Was there any indication to your writing or was it your writing style or was is because of the type of genre you were writing about.

@Eric_Moser ahaha, I don’t think it’s necessary to post pics. Probably because you work so well that people assume you’re more than one person working on a project. :no_mouth: multitasking must be your forte :thumbsup:


Up until now, I thought FairyGodFeather and moonwalkerdragon were guys.

Boy, was I wrong.


You too? I’m kind of glad others are getting mixed up as well, otherwise I might end up with a complex at this rate :sweat_smile:


That’s true about avatars. I wouldn’t rule out that it’s open to interpretation, I just don’t get misgendered on forums as much and thought maybe that was part of why, since it’s an illustration of me. :sweat_smile:

As far as why people think that, hard to say. Might have to do with the sense of humor and subject matter. I hate to say it, but I have encountered the “women aren’t as funny as guys” bias before. IRL, I’ve also tended to have more guy friends and been told I understand their perspective well, so maybe that comes across in my writing?


I once had an online pen pal that told me “you write like a girl, so you MUST be a girl!” Like… What the Hell? Nevermind the fact that I repeatedly told him I was nb before that, and that what he said made no sense; plenty of people get misgendered based on their writing alone :unamused:


When a Guy say Then you are a girl because I say so “Means I want to bang you and still being Heterosexual” One of my friends is gay but it likes to be in drag. He still considering himself a guy, is just he loves the culture and express himself that way. Well, several Heterosexual guys were obsessed with banging him saying stuff like “if you dress like that then you are like a girl so is ok banging you”

That is most insulting thinking I heard of. LIKE EXCUSE ME HE HAS HIS OWN PERSONAL EXPERIENCES AND GENDER IDENTITY… I probably would have kill someone if I am told something like that.


In the past I have often found myself assuming the gender of someone through their writing, but nowadays after experiencing what I have in regards to my own identity, I’ve come to block that sort of thinking out.

It’s odd, because I never had problems with people ‘assuming’ I was a boy when I was younger, and in retrospect maybe that is one of the many pointers in my past that, if I had noticed them sooner, may have brought me to realise that I did identify as a guy earlier in life. Huh. I’ve only thought of that just now.