Ouroboros (WIP) [Updated: March 8th, 2023]

Added three more save-slots, totaling 6. Hope that’s enough! :>


A writing update coming out of no-where!

Copied from the tumblr post:

I finally cracked it. The placing of Lena’s scene, the exposition on the clergy, a moment on how things unfolded in the past.

Funny thing too, since Lena’s scene almost ended up exactly where it started. It just needed some foundational work, a little nudge to remind the reader of where MC came from, and where they are going. It sounds so simple in hindsight, but it was driving me insane for the longest time.

It only took a restructuring of my entire outline, a hard look at the actual themes I wanted to introduce this early, how it weaves together with the rest of the story, changing the reveals I cherished so dearly… My brain turned to goop. But! I am so satisfied with how it looks now. And with the first draft of the update having grown legs, sprinting ahead of me, I have so much to work with now! Tonight I start on the second draft, the one I will be sending to betas. (Don’t worry, I haven’t announced the need for them yet!)

I feel like I’m finally tooting the boat-horn and shouting full speed ahead!

Spoilers for chapter 2 beneath the cut:


Text ID

“An obedient army, I’d say. I visited Oakwerth just before the release, the Draman job, do you remember?”

“If I remember, Leith? You came back with the skin peeling off your arms. I remember.” You shudder.

“The scourge had already started, then. The commoners turning into mindless, slithering things. Their eyes… Their eyes multiplied like blisters forming all over their bodies, blinking open. I think the clergy wants us to keep them safe from their self-made consequences.”

You scoff. “Short of controlling us into fighting for them-”

“Well…” Leith takes a seat next to you, wrapping an arm around your shoulder, pressing you close. A shiver runs down your spine as le_he sighs. Your hands are covered in tiny cuts, in dried blood and dirt. A thorn is lodged in your thumb. Folding your hands together, you ignore the sting of weeks of unrelenting work. “What are you saying? Do they have the tech for that, to… to actually control us?”

Leith runs a hand over le_his face. “It’s possible.”

Note: This is first draft writing without any variations. Very crude, in short.
In the tags of that post I also talk a little about my insecurities I had with writing, how I have struggled with living up to both imagined expectations, and the ones I have placed on myself after such a positive response from readers. I know I sound like a broken record, but I really didn’t expect Ouro to gain so much interest. I kind of forgot to have fun with writing and started doubting everything with my story, and my focus became solely to not disappoint readers. That’s no way to write! I’m happy to say that while I’m not done doubting myself, who ever does, I am having so much fun with writing again. Thank you to all of you who have encouraged me and been so patient. It warms my heart.

Now back to writing!

(Oh, I also posted a painted sketch of Id’s armored face and some references):

Now I go back to writing. Toodles!



I’ve been stuck trying to find a way to not make this sound awkward or blunt, so here it goes >>’

Apologies if this has already been addressed; I do kinda live under a rock most times ><

Im not sure what sexual orientations they have and/or if it’ll affect anything, but if there’s a possibility of kiss/intimate scenes, how will Id’s look like? Like if they’re made if mist how the heck does the MC kiss/touch them?


I mean…who didn’t wonder about that😉

If I understand it correctly, Id can materialize into a humanoid shape, like his armor is actually on his body, so that makes me think he has a body) But its just that he can manipulate his mist form and disperse like mist or concentrate it and have tentacles and so on. It’s probably linked to his mind and what he can imagine to conjure. He remembers his face and body (probably) so he can be himself just made of mist…I guesss, but I really want to know as well!

But that is what I imagine from reading all the descriptions in the story.


Oh lord this was so me. And still is haha! But congrats! So happy for your progress and yes! Say it! Full speed ahead!

And don’t feel like because you are going full speed ahead to rush or feel bad if something (damned writing speed bumps ) delays! We are all cheering for this project :slight_smile:


@Mistyleaf123 and @Van1llaPudd1ng (thank you for filling in :D)

With Id and their unarmored body it’s quite hard to kiss and touch. Id wouldn’t feel anything from it, but that isn’t to say that they wouldn’t try. Mc would only feel like they are making out with a cloud, so it wouldn’t be so fulfilling for either of them. With the armor however :smirk:. Let’s just say that there are some special leather gloves involved in the first intimate scene, made with Id’s senses in mind. As for the rest, well. Id’s personal quest revolves around their want for a physical body, and if romanced the need for one would be even greater, as leather doesn’t solve the issue of kissing/intercourse. Hope that answers your q!


what’s with everyone and tentacles? I’m laughing so hard :skull: (that’s not to say you’re wrong, just, I had someone say L has tentacles the other day and I’m gonna bonk yall to horny jail. I have no idea where it comes from. HOWEVER. :face_with_peeking_eye: . We will certainly have this discussion when the adult thread goes up.


This is so sweet, thank you <3 Full speed ahead! (though it seems my full throttle is still around 300-500 words per writing day, so slow and steady for sure.) I have at least settled on a plan so that is a huge win for me :> Now we hope one of those amazing writing days happen where everything aligns and I pump out the words (and code :sneezing_face: ) I have been struggling with.

:’) the support here is incredible and heartwarming. I’m cheering you on too! We got this!!


:joy::rofl::sweat_smile: oh my god) I’m laughing so hard as well!
I really didn’t have any inappropriate things in mind when I was writing it…but now I have questions…and I will be eagerly waiting for that adult thread for those answers we all have but are to scared to ask😉

Wow, that is complex, you created quite the task to write a character with such unique and complicated issues. But it’s really interesting and refreshing!
Actually I found all the characters very interesting and extraordinary, you can really feel the unique persona behind everyone and that there is a story hidden in each of them.

You’re such a good sport and thank you for all the replies! :black_heart: sending all the love & support :black_heart:


I guess it’s my bad for instantly making that connection :joy: I read far too many monster romances lmfao. I can’t wait for the adult thread! It’s still a bit away, and I think Auryn will be the first main point, but oh to finally get to talk about the juicy parts is a huge motivation to keep writing.

That’s what makes it so fun to write! I’m not gonna lie and say that I don’t think I have bit of more than I can chew at times, but as long as I don’t give up completely, the story will keep slowly shaping up until it is done. So that’s my only job, at it’s core at least, not giving up. And I find that to be a manageable task!

:’) This makes me all warm and fuzzy. Thank you so much <3


If it makes you feel better, that was also my first thought and I didn’t even read any monster romances (as far as I remember):joy:

Maybe my head is just deep down in the gutter :'3


There is a typo in the opening:

Somethings got to give., should be something’s

I’m really loving it so far!


Id’s personal quest revolves around their want for a physical body


Ooh, so perhaps they’ll be getting a physical body? Hopefully??? In the foreseeable future??? Wishing so bad my excitement isn’t misplaced ^u^
If you couldn’t tell before now you probably do know that Id is my fav RO xD always love me a good rivals to lovers and some angst + bickering along the way!

And of course, the intimate scenes are a cherry on top :smiley:


Mine too, Tension between them and MC is so palpable, so you almost scream at the screen: “Get a fungal grove, you two!”

This game has one of the most original settings and form of it’s presentation so it’s awesome to know that RO’s are going to be as interesting.

I have one question, if it’s not to spoilery (if that’s the case, don’t answer it, of course!)

If Id will get a new body, will it be the kinda same as their description in flashbacks? Or there’s gonna be… alterations. :face_with_peeking_eye: Or something complety different?


@rkgk Eyy rk <3

You and me both, friend. snorts

@leewardvessel Samhain invasion guy! I’m so glad to hear that you’re liking it <3 That typo :skull: It’s those small things I really struggle with so this is valued feedback, thank you! Will fix :>

@Mistyleaf123 Well, it wouldn’t be a very satisfying arc if they didn’t, no? wink wink I’ll answer a bit more below, in the blurred bit;

@Redknight178 oh my, this is so sweet :’) Thank you!


As for your Q, it is a bit spoilery, but it’s really the journey there that matters in the end. But don’t unblur unless you want to be vaguely spoiled!

The first theme I wrote down for Id was mind over matter, and I think that is quite telling given that Id is already learning how to shapeshift. :eyes: They would look the same as they did before the accident!

Tacking onto this: I’m on an answering asks spree today over on tumblr, but after today I’m staying off both forum and tumblr until I go on vacation (17th). Truth is that it’s hard to keep up with all the different questions and such when I really want to devote my free time to getting this update out; so that’s what I’ll be doing. :> I’ll see you then! <3


That’s me! Yeah, I absolutely love your work. What a world!


Never forget about yourself! Have a great vacation & recharge your mind and soul :black_heart:


Absolutely obsessed with this WIP :heart: It’s so good o:

Had to Doodle my hunter


Just kinda wanted to give some thoughts. They’re pretty negative things, sorry ;-;

I greatly dislike most of the ROs we’ve met so far (past lover is obviously fine and S is cute and also fine; exclude them from all of the below as they are very different) and am really incredibly frustrated with the inability to tell those ones off. Especially A and their fucking leering. It makes me so incredibly uncomfortable and the only thing I can do is a generalized middle finger. At least I can constantly tell I to piss off, but then my next point comes up; it seems like we’re the most totally uninteresting and weak being out of everyone, which is a huge bother for me. Everyone seems to be just far stronger and everything. Like at most we’re distinct being a human or vaguely uncommon as Krell, but everyone else got cool shit from the water. I is a ghost thing, A has too many arms, the kid that appears for three lines has chitinous claws and shit, Oma’s a whole ass siren. It’s just, again, frustrating to me. I know this is all personal issues but, like you’d think being an early adopter of immortality juice would do something remarkable or at the very least vaguely unique. Though, A is far beyond just being a personal issue. Absolutely vile person and I cannot understand how anyone would be interested in them. Even I is almost tolerable in comparison, and I despise them.

Again sorry for negatives. I hate saying them, especially since no one else is bothered by anything clearly, but given how intense my feelings of frustration were I wanted to bring it up. I doubt anything’ll come of it given literally everyone else is fine but I guess I wanted to be heard…


i think i see how A would be off putting to some. i personally prefer flirty ros and immediately swoon over them but A just imo falls flat and doesnt have that charm a flirty person would usually exude and in the end they just kinda sort of end up like a weirdo. i think i suffer something similar to your situation but instead of kinda hating them. i dont feel any sort of spark that would incline me to romance them. this is just probably because its in a very early stage but aside from L everyone kinda just get muddled together and i become uninterested in them as a whole whether i romance them or not. this is probably just a personal problem tho.

i agree that being one of the first people to get the water well, we do end up getting the shorter end of the stick. maybe its because the story is still in its early stage but i dont feel the whole “being weak” thing since i havent really seen any of the cast in action. we do however are kinda the most uninteresting amongst the cast. amongst as the designs, we are just sorta kinda bland.


We technically have, I if you fight back. Surprise, despite being incorporeal they’re significantly stronger than you and functionally impossible to hit.You know, 'cause they needed the strength when they’re a highly capable shapeshifter who’s invisible and untouchable and fast. And can fly. Given how much we’re forced to oogle A and Y’s musculature, I would be really surprised if they’re any weaker.


i see ur point here. it is undermining the mc with how literally everyone around them just seems better at everything lmao. changed my opinion. i agree with u on that.