Otome Games

Check this one out, worth every peny imo. Currently released this month.

It has a great story, has 2 ends and 2 epilogue. And all Lis are great in different ways.

Glass Heart


Will definitely check it out, put it on my wishlist already! Thanks for the rec!

I’m 3/6 routes in this game and I’m liking it so far. I love that even if the protagonist is sick, she is very strong. I already don’t like playing bad endings , and specifically in this game I think that they will be very sad (I’m assuming the heroine dies in the bad endings )
I played Jay’s route, the guy who is an idol (I don’t remember his name) and Tamaki. Tamaki’s was the most WTF route of them all, but everything worked in the end LOL. I’m excited about hacker guy (don’t remember his name too), he is so beautiful.

Yesterday was the release of the first book of Belle Automata. I remember playing the demo some time ago, and was very sweet. Aureve (the protagonist) is SO pretty. I’m looking forward to play this game.

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Here are some more otome games to try or look out for (in the case that some aren’t released yet but have demo’s) that people here may enjoy - your mileage may vary depending on personal tastes.

Fully Released:

Has Demo | Under Development:

For indie VNs I’d also highly recommend checking out Lemmasoft Forums and the NaNoRenO (the Visual Novel version of NaNoWriMo) websites.


Errant Kingdom finally released the final chapter


New free otome game on itch io

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Wow, the devs from Touchstarved launched their Kickstarter today and in less than 5 hours the game was fully funded. Now they are in the last of the stretch goals.

I have high expectations for this game. The demo is already up, but I haven’t played it yet.


Voltage just released their game on steam, check it out!

Ps. I prefer this version over ios or android because we can play this without need to worry about diamond or ticket


From Hanako’s Yuri thread, a few free games (there are others, but just listing some of the free ones)


Dual Chroma: Academy Carols by Galen Games (Developers of Delivers Us From Evil (DUFE))
100% off on itch io


The Made Marion demo was updated!

Also there is this event on Steam called Storyteller’s Festival, it has a lot of visual novels demos being streamed and some games are on sale.