Otome Games

I like an otome game named Obey Me. Shall we Date? The characters are really hot and diverse. It’s about transferring and attending school together with demon lord brothers, the art is really well done too! :heart_eyes:


I’m addicted to that stupid game. The art is awesome, the storylines are awesome… I just wish chapter 29 wasn’t so damned difficult. I have several UR cards and still can barely get through the battles!

Who’s your fave, btw? Mine’s Lucifer, but Beel’s shirtless card? Yeesh… :heart_eyes:

BTW, if you want to friend me on there to send daily energy back and forth, PM me and I’ll give you my ID.

But for the question about otomes, my favorites are:

Superstition (https://13leagues.itch.io/superstition)
Ebon Light (https://underbliss.itch.io/ebon-light)
Andromeda 6 (https://wanderlust-games.itch.io/andromeda-six) (and for you Wayhaven fans, a couple of characters in A6 will remind you, ever so slightly, of the Wayhaven crew)
When the Night Comes (https://lunarisgames.itch.io/wtnc)
Tailor Tales (https://celianna.itch.io/tailor-tales) (and if you can afford to join her patreon, I highly recommend it, because the NSFW scenes are freaking hot)
Aloners (https://sonnet009games.itch.io/aloners-redux)
The Confines of the Crown (https://hanakogames.itch.io/the-confines-of-the-crown)
Seduce Me and Seduce Me 2 (https://vamichaelalaws.itch.io/seduce-me-the-otome)
The Cinderella Phenomenon (https://dicesuki.itch.io/cinderella-phenomenon)

And, if you’re into some kinda messed up stuff and don’t mind gore, look for these on itchio (I won’t put the links in case someone gets offended):

Boyfriend to Death
Boyfriend to Death 2: Fresh Blood
Til Death Do Us Part

But, be warned, these three might give you nightmares. But I liked playing them. Except for one LI I quit almost immediately because… shudders I won’t spoil it…


Andromeda Six? I love that game so far, I’m certain it will only get better too, and ‘definitely’ agree with that Wayhaven comparison 100% :grin:

As for When the night comes, Lunaris Games have another WIP called Errant Kingdom which looks promising!


One of the creators of BTD is in the middle of making a new game <3 looking forward to the angst

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@Autumn19 – Errant Kingdom is live on Steam; it is being released by chapter, so it is incomplete still.

Nevertheless, it is a great game.

Edit: Because I have not suggested a VN in a long time:

I really enjoy this, and it has a pretty good replayability aspect for all the LI/RO.


Oh, right sorry I forgot it was on steam. I know it’s not finished yet but just thought I’d draw attention to it.

I really recommend Errant Kingdom. Whether you choose to be an Ambassador, Nomad or Knight, they have different interaction with thw characters so the $20 price tag is worth it. I can’t wait for October because iirc, Chapter 4 is the point which RO route will locked on.

As for Andromeda Six, I’m waiting for a good chunk of chapters to be released before delving into it. They remind a lot of Unit Bravo. :joy:

Errant Kingdom deserve more attention. :100: They really did well with the replayability. Though I envy Nomad route because it has more Rai content.


My favorite is Beelzebub. It’s a great idea, but it’s been a long time since I played this game. I just really liked it and it was the first otome game that has ever came to my mind, plus I just wanted to share about its existence because it was so good when I last played.

Edit: I downloaded Andromeda Six 3 days ago, but haven’t played it yet. However, looking at the characters, I already like it :blush:

That bad, huh?

Also this;

A new, upcoming and possibly free VN written by Suriko, who was the writer for Lily’s route (I’m tempted to say best girl) in Katawa Shoujo.


What exactly is an Otome game, is it just a visual novel with a specific genre like romance.

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Romance visual novel with female protagonist, male love interests, generally pitched at women


Well, according to Wikipedia;

An otome game (乙女ゲーム, otome gēmu , literally “maiden game”), sometimes contracted to otoge , is a story-based video game that is targeted towards women.

Or basically what @Alice-chan said.

I would like to point out here that many VNs of this genre are nowadays not targeted towards a female audience, but towards a male one as well.

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Hi there! I just wanted to let you know that my interactive romance story got published in Sana. It’s called Love and Duty. In it, MC is a no-nonsense former (female) gladiator who’s a bodyguard of the Emperor of Rome. It focuses on the relationship between a stoic poetrynerd and a flamboyant soft boy, basically. F/M.

It’s 30k long, so it has only one route due to the word limitation. It’s kind of a slow burn.

Here’s a link to their site where you can download the app: https://sanastories.com/

Now I’m off to play Obey Me to get my mind off of publishing stuff, this is nerve-racking. Thank you for your time!

Edit: my content warnings got removed, so I’ll include them here: descriptions of violence, physical and mental trauma, sexual content, suicide, offensive language.


What’s the name of it? :thinking:

As for Otome, here’s one I enjoy (long and well written):


I knew I forgot to include something important… Thank you for pointing that out. I apologize if this was a wrong thread for this, I’ve just taken a lot of inspiration from otome, and saw Scout mentioned before.