Other 'be a film star' games beyond Hollywood Visionary?


Are there any around, foremost on this site as they tend to be the best there is (in my limited knowledge of the net)? :thinking:

I do love being able to act in that, and I know there’s acting in the new 1849 (?) game, but beyond that all I know is that someone started making a game on this but it never really took off and now it is long abandoned.

So, any other games - on here, preferably? And if not here, anything else?

Not quite sure why, but I do so enjoy this aspect, and would love to see a more in-depth acting game. :sweat_smile:


There doesn’t seem to be any games like that. I wish someone made an in-depth and long game like that where you can be a star. The only game i could find was this one. It looked promising but seems like the author has abandoned it.


Yeah, there’s also Choice of the Rockstar or somesuch, but that’s not acting either. :thinking:

Guess I am one of a select few, ha. :sweat_smile:


I was trying to write a game along those lines, but got bogged down. I decided to take a break before hopefully coming back to it with more focus.

If I could just ask you…are you talking about a game where the player starts as a film star, starts as a struggling/working actor and could become a film star, or does the starting point not matter much?


I’d take either, although starting out has its own appeal, to be sure. In the end, though, that is secondary and more important for any author willing to take the dive of the stage - or is that rock stars and such that do that? :thinking:

Perhaps ‘more important for any author willing to take on this tough act’? :grimacing:


Having an acting game which spans several generations of Hollywood from the Silent Era to now would be interesting, if likely hella complex.


That’s biting off a bit much, perhaps. Maybe as a series, albeit that’s a whole other query, for certain. I’d start with just one. :sweat_smile: