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Hi there fellow forum members,

I’ve started this thread particularly for blind and partially sighted gamers so that we can discuss other mobile accessable games which are not produced by Choice of Games.

Firstly, I’d like to ask:
•What’s your favourite non cog game? Why is it so great?
•Are there any websites where you can find accessable games?
•Are there any games you wish were accessable for us visually impaired gamers?

I wanted to start this thread so that all the visually impaired members of this forum can discuss the games we love and perhaps find new games we can play while the next cog/hg is waiting to be released.

Personally, my favourite games on iPhone is the Papa Sangre series. Honestly? They’re great. They had me enticed for days on end. You have to wear headphones for these games, and the game is fuelled by nothing but 3d sound.
I love these set of games because they’re challenging tbut interesting at the same time. You don’t have to be visually impaired to play these wonderful games either.

So… Now over to you


You don’t have to be visually impaired to play any game. :wink:


I know… But as these games have been especially produced for visually impaired people, people with full-sight seem to think that they are unable to play these games.


There’s a great game called ‘Codename Cygnus’ that you guys should try! So far only Mission 1 is out right now, but it’s an interactive audio game. All about spies and that great stuff :wink: I think you guys would love it. It’s microphone enabled, so you can either speak your response to the prompt (to make your choice) or you can just tap it on your phone screen. Seriously, the voice acting is great. I just wish the producers would hurry up and make the second mission because the first one leaves off on a cliffhanger. Literally.


Yeah. I’ve played that game before, but for some reason I didn’t like it much. I may have to replay it though as I seem to be the only one who doesn’t like it.


I only know of two people using this forum that are Blind / Visually Impaired. @honeymichie and @Orinks

They have answered some very interesting topics in regards to being Blind / Visually Impaired while they played and code using CoG. I will post the links, but you can ask them directly to respond to this topic. Me no think they would mind? I think they play other games as well just not know if they said what games.

Visually Impaired and Blind Users: Screenreaders + Android
Blind / Visually Impaired users
Does windows Narrator work with CoG games? Other screen readers for vi?