Oro (WIP) Sorta looking for a partner in crime


So I have been interested in making a choicescript game for some time now. I have dabbled a bit in how it works and want to finally try. Now, I would rather not go at this alone, as I’d like to make a great game. I don’t want to sound secretive or want to say I’m important enough that you should help, but I’m looking for one or two people to confer with and take part in this.
Now, as I said, I don’t want to sound secretive, but I don’t want to blurt out what I’m wanting to write, I will say it has themes of reincarnation, a scenario of near isolation, a dabbing of romance (gay and straight) and low magic/powers.
This may not get any attention, but PM me if it’s something you have any interest in.
The very basic of the introduction: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/175148678/web/Oro/index.html


I once asked for a partner in crime and all I got was crickets chirping. I’d say you’re better off trying to write the game on your own. Post it to the forum (as you have) and you’ll attract a fan-base. Maybe then, once people are invested someone will want to help out a bit more.


Chirp chirp chirp


I didn’t PM because I can’t commit to helping anyone on a consistent basis, but for what it’s worth, I think it could end up being a fascinating story if you’re about to maintain the feel of the first few pages.

I actually have a reincarnation-themed story in my head as well, but because of a general lack of time, I’ll probably never be able to write it. It just seems to me that reincarnation themes are perfectly suited for interactive fiction.

Good luck with your work!


Hm, I could maybe help, I’m not a terribly busy person. Ima just read the intro and see what’s up.


Well, I wish I could help you out, but I barely have enough time to write my own story. I can’t afford losing more time.

Though I would like to help you, when some time has passed, and gain a more leisurely schedule.