Original fantasy races vs classics


It’s something I don’t see a lot of. Here or elsewhere well thought out original races within fantasy stories. More often than not its some sort of new take on an old staple, elves, dwarves, demons and the like.

I myself enjoy devising new races, from the biology to their history and etymology.

So I wonder what are your views on the subject are you more than happy to play with the classics or are you more interested in something new?


Personally, I like having the Classic fantasy races with some Original fantasy races sprinkled on top.

Kind of like Elder Scrolls and their different kinds of elves.


I like playing with both. too much new things tend to confuse players. they could see a dwarf or an elf and say Ok, I don’t know what other stuff is but if I pick that I would more or less know what expect. That could use as a way to introduce your setting gradually. Give new abilities to those classic gives then a new look. However, anyone that creates his own unique universe loves create new creatures and settings. I prefer a equilibrium between both new and classic with a twist.


Always both, its much richer that way. But if I have to choose one or anoter, I would choose originals IF they are properly described and writen. The classics are too used already, and a change of pace always feels nice


I don’t care about it that much, but if I could play as a drow in one of the Choice games, I would be soooooo happy.


Drow is copyrighted so no way. Even use dark elf is muddy waters.


Night elf? Tanned Elf? Beach Elf? Point eared dark skinned giant dwarf? xD


I thought only certain drow characters are copyrighted, like Drizzt and such.
There are also Trow, a race of Northern euro mythology. Drow are one of the depictions of said race, and I don’t think that it is intellectual property.


Drow itself as Drow is copyrighted because I looked to use it in my game. So I changed my idea and used Morlock instead. Who is not copyrighted. Trow is not copyrighted material.


Personally I love to stretch out everything even in the traditional races, I have my own fantasy world I’m working on, and I try my best to create interesting new races as well as making the traditional ones feel fresh, without losing its identity.


I like original fantasy races up until that point that I feel like I’m playing Final Fantasy XIII again. Fal’Cie this, Fal’Cie that, L’Cie who? Want to find out? Read our 10 page codex entry on that, then notice that we’re still making up new stuff as we go along.


Overly complicated isn’t all that great though some elves are pretty complicated historically but they make up for it via simple form ‘slender with pointy ears.’

When I write a race I like to be able to visualize what they look like in the first paragraph. If it takes a whole page… You’ve gone too far.


I prefer both, but the classics with a new spice is always a treat.


Yea, as you guys might’ve known it.

Using classic races often much more acceptable, and I think this one doesn’t need extra explanation.

However, I believe original races still have the spot to show off themselves. The problem, tho, is that the writer should be able to describe what are the differences between this race and the another, subtly.

But then, often come in my mind that even humans have their own races. What about classic races’s race? I mean, we already have dark elves, high, and wood, but I never seen dwarves have their own races.


A rock dwarf or iron dwarf! That’d be interesting:)


Hoah, never thought of that!
Can we include crystal or mineral to the list?


Let’s say their skill at dealing with certain minerals is the basis for the terminology but as the years go by the rock dwarves become bulkier and more physical while iron dwarves become leaner and more dexterous! And other morphological change from race to race based on their environment ect… it’d be kinda cool to develop them as such.


I also like to see a few classics mixed with some originals. That way, there’s something for everyone.

@poison_mara drow isn’t copyrighted. Case in point, the character Drow Ranger in DotA 2 or the Drow faction in Realm Grinder. Both are monetized so if the word Drow is copyrighted these games wouldn’t even exist.


Well I found copyright data in the page. Probably, they asked for permission or the copyright has passed out. Remember each country has their own lists. Anyway, I decided not risk it.


You will love my game then I have elemental dwarves, rune dwarves, and dwarves could do magic through stone.