Opposed pair value not changing

Hi everyone,

I just started learning ChoiceScript and I’m having a lot of fun so far, but now I’m a bit stuck.

I am trying to learn how to implement opposed pairs. The one I am working on is hero vs villain.

This is my code in the startup.txt


*comment ===================== VARIABLES ==========================

*create reputation 0
*create violence 0
*create pickpocket 0

*create hero 50
*create villain 50

This is my code in choicescript_stats.txt


	opposed_pair Hero

And finally this is the scene code

*comment =======================

*label peace_riot

What role did you play in the riot?

	#I tried to calm the ring leaders down, but it was too late to stop them!
		*set hero %+10
	#I wanted to leave but my friends made me stay.
	#I don't care for violence, but there was 50" plasma just sitting there in a shop window and I had just the right sized space for it on my bedroom wall.  
		*set pickpocket %+10
		*set villain %+10
	#I initiated the rioting. I wanted to know what colour pigs bleed.
		*set violence %+10
		*set villain %+10

The above works for the ‘hero’ variable but not the ‘villain’ variable.

I have also tried the following, just in case…

	opposed_pair heroism

This does not work at all as the variable ‘heroism’ does not exist.

Let me know what I’m doing wrong?


Instead of setting villain %+10, set hero %-10.

There’s no such value as “villain”–it’s just what you call it when you decrease the “hero” stat–that’s how opposed pairs work.


Perfect, thank you so much @Gower .

I’ve been playing with it all day, I suppose I should have read more carefully!