opposed pair percents disappear/switch places

for practice, I’m using the ChoiceScript IDE.
It’s my first time ever coding any kind of game, and I’m having a problem when I run my game in the browser or inside the CS IDE program.

After i write a code for the opposed percents, the percents sometimes disappear and their positions on the bar switch places.

my code is written as follows:


*create cold 50

Stat Screen

opposed_pair cold

what happens is that the “warm” percent has switched to the side of the “cold”
(If the cold is supposed to be on the right side of the bar, representing blue, it goes to the right side which represents red; but that’s not really the problem.)

while the “warm” goes to the other side of the bar, the “cold” entirely disappears, leaving it with only one named side and the other appears nameless, though in code it is not.

I’m not sure if this is a problem with code or with the program itself.

Thanks in advance for any advice, helpful or not!

Have you tried creating “warm” instead of “cold” and doing the same thing?

Try this instead

*opposed_pair cold

What Carlos and Szaal said.
If you wanna do the color thing, unless you fiddle with the colors the side for the variable (cold in this case) will be the left one.

easiest way is to replace the variable with warm and have it be

*opposed_pair warm

as per Szaal’s suggestion.

also, adding three ` above and below your code will format it on the forum.

The bit disappearing on you however is odd.

your advice really helped, thanks!