Opinions on a life decision


Disclaimer: this thread has nothing whatsoever to do with any game’s currently in progress.

I’d like to get the opinions of the community on something I’m trying to decide on, specifically the fellow adults or really anyone who might have experience to draw upon.

Some background: I’m currently 27, and have two jobs (one full-time, one part time) I originally had just the full-time job, but found I didn’t like going from one paycheck to another, and a lot of the time if I wanted to do something fun like going to the movies, I couldn’t. So, I got the part-time job, because I wanted to make extra money, and because I was convinced at the time that I was going to lose my full-time job, or was going to quite (I hated the job) so I wanted a fall-back just in case. Now, however, I make more at the full-time job, and apparently my worries about losing the job was over blown as I still work there, and I recently took a vacation from both jobs, which was apparently much needed since my general frustration with my full-time job has eased considerably, though it’s still not exactly a job I enjoy. Now, about my part-time job. It’s delivering pizzas, and I actually enjoy this job some because I love to drive, the problem is most of the additional money I make goes either to gas or fixing my car (I drive about 100+ miles for every four hours I work this job, which puts a lot of strain on my car after a while)

So enough with the background. The decision I’m trying to decide on is whether to quit one of these job, or quit both and just get a different job entirely. Where I currently live job prospects are low, especially since I have little in the way of needed skills. I’ll be moving to Arizona soon, and hopefully there’s better jobs there. Another reason I’m thinking of quitting one of my jobs is because I don’t get a lot of spare time to things I actually want to do, like working on my game, but quitting a job will mean things will be a little tighter financially.

Sorry to bug you guys about this, but I’ve come to value the opinions of this community, hence why I’m asking here. I’ll be happy to clarify anything if need be. And don’t hold back to avoid being harsh, I need unfiltered honest opinions. Thanks for any help you guys can give me.


I would say that keep your jobs for now, but definitely look for something that you’d like better, or something that suits you better. If or when you find one, that would be the time to quit. I wouldn’t recommend quitting until you’ve get a new job :stuck_out_tongue:


As Sam said, start looking for something new, but don’t quit until you have another job lined up. I’d also evaluate how much money your making from the pizza job after paying for gas (and future car repairs) and see if it’s worth it compared to the time your putting in. It might be worth quitting that job which will free up time to find the right job for you. You haven’t said what your full time job is, but I’m guessing you might start to enjoy it more if you aren’t tied down with the pizzas as well.


@andywhy The full-time job is working in the back room for Wal-mart. I’ve worked there for about four years, and have worked a variety of positions (I started out waxing the floor for my store) and have found pretty much all of them to be highly repetitive. It’s one of those jobs where they only seem to notice you if you do something wrong. I’m hoping when I move to Arizona I can transfer that job, and at the new Wal-mart things will be better.


You’d think that your pizza employer would pay you for gas…

Man, I hated working retail. I worked at a grocery store for 2.5 years and it seemed like the only people who bought food were repulsive idiots. They never promoted me, either, even when I turned 18, because I would only work on weekends. Yeahhh, sorry but my writing is more important than this nasty job -_-


@Samuel_H_Young They pay us $1.40 per run, which may or may not cover the gas for that run.


Oh, okay.


I was in the same position few years back as you are now. I had a good paying full time job with the gov which I hated and a part time job which I liked a bit better which paid ok. I tried looking for a new job all together but found that as long as I had my primary job I lacked the motivation to go out and look for the job I want. So I quit my primary job and looked for another one, big risk especially I had my baby coming in 2 months. Bottom line i have far less savings then I would like to have or would had if I stayed at the primary job but I am much happier and have more time to spend with my family and friends.
I know you asked for advice not my life story but I think this can help you as a real life example. Sacrifice stability for more time to do the things you want. See which is more important to you.


I think you should find first a replacement job than quitting. Its hard to get one already so even if your totally miserable stick with it until you get another one. Tell you my experience. I decided to quit my full-time job and my part-time barely made the cut at all. Took me almost four months to find a replacement full-time job and that was hard. The bright side is that I don’t have a family, but it would have been nasty if you had a family. For those four months i only eat a slice of bread and coffee once a day so that i can still pay my rent. The choice is yours thou.


I have had many jobs over the years. Some have paid very well, but I have found that if you do not enjoy what you do then it is not worth doing.

Life is to short to work two jobs. Do one, do it well. If your not happy find another. Going to school to get the job you want is always an option. Changing jobs is always tough and a strain on the walet so be prepared for lean times. And remember it only gets harder to land a new job as you get older.


I am a Command Financial Specialist as a collateral duty in my job, and a huge proponent of Dave Ramsey’s approach to personal finance. First thing is you need to write a budget. This will give you an accurate picture of your “must pays” vs your “nice to haves.” Second you should have 3 to 6 months (up to eight realistically in the current job market) for your must pay expenses saved in a plain Jane savings account (I’m talking rent, food, car payments, those kinds of things). With that built up you have security. You could lose your job, move to Arizona, take time off to write, whatever you want to do.

As far as your current work, you shouldn’t continue doing something you hate. Life is too short for that! Keep in mind though one of the secrets to getting a new job is ensuring your previous employer has nothing but nice things to say about you. Also when HR people look at a resume seeing recent unbroken employment with one company is a big positive. You holding down two jobs will show your work ethic.

Bottom line is I agree with most comments here you shouldn’t just up and quit without a plan. Look for something you think you will like doing in Arizona, and that will pay the bills sufficiently so you can do what you love, writing your game.


@Fantom Uh. How much money are you making after a four hour shift delivering pizzas? It sounds to me like you’re being exploited (ie not making at least minimum wage, when you calculate the costs incurred).


@jasonstevanhill On a weekday I might take home anywhere between $30 or $60, and on weekends upwards of $60 or $70, at least $20 of which immediately go to putting gas back into my car. The rest I generally keep on on me to buy food or whatnot. The main thing setting me back is maintaining my car. I like to keep track of various stuff about my deliveries on a spreadsheet, partly because I’m a geek and like to keep track of things, but also so I know exactly how much I’ll be taking home. From this I figured it up. For the months of April and May, I made $2731 after taxes. I spent a bit more than $3000 in the same time period (although in hindsight I’m pretty sure I was basically being robbed by the guys fixing the car) plus approximately $375 is gas.


@fantom I’m 27 too. In my country we have more 26% of the global unemployed rate. Under 30 age more than 30% I’m currently unemployed. My dad was tired of seeing me suffer work in bars as waitress weekends for less 300 euros without any right.

So he said its ok I quit. That I do not need these shit jobs so he paid me a second university degree. I’m lucky of having my family.

My humble advice it left the pizza job all friends I knew doing that job, let it go, due moto spends. Here pizza is delivered in moto. The gas is expensive, also they maintain expenses, oil, filters, tires… Any possible traffic infraction or accident. You barely could gain money.

About wall mart here doesn’t exist, but they got a bad reputation. If i where you i used the free time you gain if you quit the pizza job, doing some type of study to promote of obtained a better job. Something you could like more


@fantom, you said you’ll be moving soon, so if you’re netting money from the pizza job (and it sounds like you are, although I’m guessing you also pay higher insurance premiums as a result) I’d scrape and save to cover the costs of the move and any resulting delay in getting new employment.

If you posted your monthly budget, everyone could give better advice but that is probably way outside the scope of what you’d want to post here.

We all have to work jobs we don’t want to sometimes. I’m opening my own law firm before the end of the year and I’ll still have to work a part time job just to keep things from getting too tight.


@HornHeadFan Thankfully the job situation during the move shouldn’t be an issue, since with Wal-mart I can just put in a transfer request.


Sorry, I didn’t know if the transfer was a sure thing or not.


@fantom the thing is, putting 100 mi on your car every shift means you’re going to keep having car repair expenses *in addition to* the gas. You need to be making *at least* minimum wage *after* the costs of maintaining your car for it to be at all worthwhile.

ok. I’ll get off my soapbox now.


I’d have to agree with Jason on this one, since it’s only a matter of time before you have a really major repair / need to buy another car, effectively wiping out most if not all of what you’ve made in ‘profit’ from the deliveries. Apart from the fact that you actually enjoy driving, it doesn’t seem particularly worth your time in the long run, but perhaps that’s reason enough to make the difference?

I must say though, I applaud your work ethic. Or maybe I just know too many work-shy people. :smiley:

Perhaps, after you relocate, Choice Games development could be your second job? Payment may be delayed (you’d have to release something first!) so things would be tight for a while, but you’ve had at least one great idea I’m aware of so it’s something at least worth considering as possibly more than just a hobby.


I vote for “quit pizza delivery to make time to write a HG.” :slight_smile: