Opinion on an amateur novel (Book 2 of the series)


Hello! For those of you who haven’t read the first book and are interested, please head back here!

This is a continuation of the series.
If you’ve read the first book, you probably don’t need me to summarize again.

If you’re giving feedback, you’re welcome to say positive and negative things! I’m up for everything as long as it’s constructive.
I’m also just willing to chat with people if you don’t want to be super formal (not that feedback has to be either)! You’re welcome to ask me about other methods of contact. (Discord, email, etc)
Anyway, I have a link below, and I appreciate the read!

Quick notes (again)
The novel is of a more fantasy nature, and does contain many LGBT+ characters, and themes of equality, so if you, for some reason, have an issue with that, please stay away.
This book below is book 2/3.

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