Online Gaming


To help merge the community a bit I think it’d be nice to offer a place to share some of our multiplayer games, it’s always nice to play against somebody you know than a stranger. I’ll go first.

I play Left4Dead2 on Steam. My steam username is Kelfezond.
I also play League of Legends. My username is Kelfezond
I have a Global Agenda character. Kelfezond again (seeing a pattern here?)
I used to play World of Warcraft but sometimes I return when I have downtime and a want to throw large sums of money away on life-draining products ^^

Feel free to contact me on any of those :slight_smile:


anyone can add me on Playstation network, my ID is Nytmayre



Send me a message on PSN. Youngzman. TELL me who you are firstly, k? I find it creepy when someone just ‘randomly’ adds me.


Kelfezond on PSN


sweet, look forward to adding you both!!


Killzone 3 Multiplayer Beta,anyone? :smiley:


Anyone play starcraft 2? I have l4d2 on steam as well, but i rarely play anymore.


You know I didn’t even buy it, played a free trial, loved it, then forgot it even existed haha.


World of Warcraft-Kluuvdar/Bonechewer
Alien Swarm
QuakeIII Arena

And others I can’t quite remember at the moment. (4:00 AM, can’t think)


Nexon:Combat Arm- game name= Moua-Thug
PSN:None yet… game tag is HMG-SOLDER for now… (Uncles Account.)


Hey moua-thug, can i add u on Combat arms, I play alot.


Fosho… :wink: I’m pro bro… I’m with apocalypse… maybe u heard of us?? Were ranked 323… quick question… where u from?? And what’s ur game name?


PSN I play COD Marvel vs Cap-com, and Assassins Creed Brother hood. My user Id is cooool74. I play about 3 times a week.


r u the moua-thug that posted the combat arms video on youtube?


Just started playing a browser game called dead frontier, it’s a zombie apocalypse themed MMO. It’s pretty good, about level ten police officer ATM lol.

I used to play runescape and funeral quest too, shame FQ collapsed :frowning:

and don’t even TALK to me about tribal wars!


Lol Skyrim Skyrim only if it was online…


I had to stop playing Tribal Wars. It was taking over my life!
I’ve cut down a lot of online gaming now. The only online game I play consistently is Urban Rivals - a tcg.


I have a psn. although psn is down at the moment, I’d be willing to play with anyone of you as soon as it comes back up.


@Kamer What games do you have?