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I’ll make sure the Nightshade side shines more brightly.


Your spoilers really, really makes me want to be A Pragmatic Hero type… A Sociopath basically but god damn it, is he just doing what he must! Like… Like a mix of his parents good and bad traits… Hell…

Also, does Datura have depression? If so… I have to say, I think it’s well written, it felt… Familiar so yeah. Though that’s just me.


No, of course not; where would be the fun in that?

I admit I do enjoy bittersweet stories from time to time, but I only like them when they are designed in such way and there’s absolutely nothing I can do to change them (because they are “regular” novels or stories); if they are interactive fiction, I hate it when it always ends in tragedy, regardless of what I do and the choices I make (because then it’s not interactive, there’s no point).

I meant that the romances are not going to he light-hearted or easy; the ROs have a lot of emotional baggage, great faults and ambitions that don’t quite match “just being with the MC,” so there’s going to be a lot of adversity and hardships with them. Of course, there are happy endings with them, but maybe you’re interested in seeing them fail once or twice, just to see how much the characters can change; I won’t spoil you about the ROs’ inner turmoil, but it’s going to be dramatic :wink:

That’s a good idea; if you play certain way, the NPCs will comment on how alike your MC is to Datura/Aquilegia (both in looks and/or personality-wise) :smile:

Why not, it does sound interesting! Given how different those two are, you can get a really intriguing character that will be both delightful and terrifying :smile:

Yeah, you’re the very first one to ask (or even notice, maybe? No one mentioned it before or asked me), you are very insightful! :smile: I’m working on my subtlety, so I try to leave little hints about the characters and their backgrounds without giving too much away (yet I believe I still tell too much sometimes). Why do you say it feels familiar? Do you have depression, too (or used too)? I’m sorry to hear that :disappointed:

Portraying depression properly is an intricate thing, and may be even way beyond my (current) skills (without taking into account not being able to use the word itself or with characters who don’t have the same comprehension about it as we do), but I really, really wanted to make it a part of the story. The fact that someone close to the MC, the player, has it, makes it more real, and not just “something that’s there” or an element added just for the sake of dramatism. I want to show people that depression is not as simple as “my feeling are hurt/no one loves me, I want to die,” and that it can happen to anyone, even kind souls like Datura, who give their all to everyone, until there’s nothing left.

Datura’s case is gradual; it starts as mild depression, making the people around him think it’s just melancholy (because they don’t have the knowledge we do about depression), and it gradually worsens over time. Not only the Nightshade line has a lot of history with affective (mood) disorders, Datura’s situation is really complicated and turbulent, which doesn’t help with his condition at all, along some crucial events that will shape his attitude and outlook on life.

The concept a lot of people have about depression is that whoever is going through it is because they don’t “try hard enough to snap out of it” or do it for attention; the MC’s Father, a hard-working man who tries his best to be kind and generous, and does his best to make things better, suffers it in silence, even thought he doesn’t meet the “criteria” or “checklist” for it, because depression can happen to anyone.

I believe it’s extremely important that I do a proper job of it and don’t botch it up. It’s vital that the player perceives Datura as a good man who is doing his best, working himself to the bone for the children he loves ( and who also happens to make mistakes because he’s human and too trusting for his own good), and that just like anyone else, can be a victim of depression. I want people to see how much it can take away from someone, that it’s not just “feeling blue” or only upset/sad/down, and that it can’t be ignoring or dismissed as something minor. I want the player to feel the loss of Datura, to see him as a lovable and vibrant character who ends up as a shell of his former self and realize how serious depression is.


If it’s possible to mix match my bloodline then I MUST and I SHALL DO IT!

It’s all good, I promise! But yes, I think you did well with the subtly (It just looked like moodynes at first glace) and I highly doubt i noticed it because of me being insightful. Either way, I think you should continue. After all, from what I’ve read and from your reply, I feel that you’re doing well with writing it as well as trying to balance everything out, it sounds very thought out and planned out, who knows you most likely even researched. All I can say is that, I’m definitely going to feel more attached to our good father who just like Crowfoot (I actually forgot my mother’s name) have his own issues… Though what he has is just more subtle but in the end, will most likely hit harder than whatever Aquiqipila- Hmmm close enough)- ahem… Whatever that Crow will ever do.

Oh yeah, I am definitely tempting fate… Heh.

Also… Genetics sucks… You’ve got Lack of Empathy and now you have yet another mood problem from a completely different family!


“…It has been a while since I last say you, John,” he says, shaking your hand slowly, deliberately."

Pretty sure you meant “saw” not “say.”


Same. Or at least for my MC to become powerful/accomplished enough to “un-shame” Datura (if possible at all)

Mostly, I just want to make dad proud :)) (or prouder than he already is)


There are a lot of variables for the MC’s personality, so it’s possible to make some interesting mixes: you can have a kind-hearted MC who’s also a good liar and has the best intentions, they can be cold but brash, or skeptical but altruistic :smile:

Thank you for your encouragement! I try my best to be careful and write such things properly, and you’re right, I do my research (not only official medical reports and studies, but also people’s experiences), so I hope I can pull it off :slight_smile:

Datura’s case is bound to affect a great deal to the players’ MCs, especially on an emotional aspect; not only because it’s going to be subtle and then hit them strong, but because they are close to him than Aquilegia. I can’t wait until I reach that point, even though I will likely cry a lot, too :slightly_frowning_face:

I want to think the MC’s case is… Intriguing, because it could be interpreted as nature vs. nurture: although the player controls the MC, in-game the characters will wonder if the MC’s personality is their own or Datura’s upbringing/their parents’ inherent traits.

@Beezlebub thanks!

Datura has already made his bed and has to lie on it; back then he decided he wanted to marry for love (and not duty) and has to face the consequences. That doesn’t mean he has to live miserably all his life, but he certainly won’t get back to the social position he had when he was the heir of the Nightshade family (although he doesn’t care about it; titles and such were never of much importance for him).

Datura doesn’t care for his shame or reputation; what worries him is the effect it will have on his children in the future, when they are on their own. If both of them manage to lead full and satisfying lives, regardless of their social status/who they marry, he will be happy :slight_smile: So if your MC ends up well enough and also takes care of their younger sibling, Avaron, that’s bound to make him joyful :wink:

He’s already is, but he will be even more so if you’re good to Avaron and become a good person rather than an important one :slight_smile: Although in order to keep him alive, what you will have to do won’t make him so proud :slightly_frowning_face:


I’ll burn the whole world and start wars just so Daddy dearest is alive and well. Bring on the pain Lycoris! :face_with_monocle:


What does Mommy Dearest think of the new baby?


Well. Demo implies that she’d be (or is) pretty livid :))

Mother Dearest can go back from the hell pit she came from before she touches Avaron (not on my MC’s watch)


Is the new baby a blood sibling or is he or she adopted?


Can the Mc have a relationship with Avaron where they care but have difficulty expressing it?


@lokidemon007 adopted as implied and word of god

@Skelas I don’t see why not?


It may be just me but Adonis reminds me of Qrow from RWBY but more bitter.


You say that now, but let’s see how are you faring after I’m done playing with your feelings and torturing you with a lot of angsts :wink:

It’s a funny thing; she doesn’t know Avaron is a part of the family, now. Datura didn’t bother to tell her :upside_down_face: The MC will be able to watch her reaction when she first notices them as another member of the family, but I believe anyone can guess how well she’s going to take their presence.

Just as @squarelyblue pointed out, Avaron is adopted; the end of the demo points out that the little child (not baby) appeared out of thin air, and I have said it in the thread, that Avaron is not blood-related to Datura (thus having no blood bonds with the MC).

There are several occasions where the MC can be fiercely protective of the little sibling, and make Papa Datura uber-proud and happy with them :wink: He knows he can’t be always around to protect his children from Aquilegia’s… winning personality due to his work, so he will be thrilled if the older child takes care of the younger :hugs:

Yeah :smile: I have a lot of variables for the MC’s personality, so a lot of combinations are possible; you can play a character who is cold/stoic on the outside but really caring and sweet on the inside, plus several ways to handle their relationship with Avaron :slight_smile:

Is that a game? :thinking: I checked the wikia to see what was Qrow like, and you know, I see some similarities! But you’re absolutely spot on with the bitter part, Adonis is definitely bitter, and he has his reasons. It’s good that you can tell, I really wanted people to be able to easily see that part about him :laughing:

You have just met him, let’s see how he ends up like :wink:


gotta stay strong :smirk:


I can only imagine Aquilegia seething when she sees the protective side of the MC (taking after the father more than her might also make her angrier than usual – just a reminder of the fact this is Datura’s child and not hers)

Am curious though. Would Avaron have some weight in saying who the MC should marry (informally of course, more like approval or some sort of soft politics in action – i.e. Avaron has more pull for a particular group, or MC regarding their opinion as important)


Anything that ticks off Aquilegia is a-ok in my book. My MC is going to be the most protective big sibling a little brother or sister could ask for!


Rwby is an American made anime by Monty Oum. Adonis is the gift that just keeps giving. Oh how I love salty uncle so.When I heard Adonis tried unaliving Mom I had to check to see if it was Christmas


i would like to know that as well.

i also wonder if there will be instances where Avaron will have protective moments towards the MC or something like that.