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No :smile:

I don’t think I’ll give the player the pleasure of offing her, even though I’m sure the option would be a delight to a lot of people. I need her alive and kicking for now.

Oh, thank you for noticing! I think I know where the problem is; I’ll correct it for the next update, which will be… In a thousand years or so: first I have to work on Zeitnot, and now that college started again, writing is extremely slow :snail:

The scene where the MC can meet Adonis a year or two before Winter Solstice is quite interesting plot-wise, because there’s going to be someone else, too. Plus, the uncle won’t act nearly as nice/civilized, so you might see glimpses of his true nature :wink:

Yes, the MC’s skin color won’t be just an aesthetic choice; depending on what choice you pick, some people will believe that Aquilegia has cheated on Datura, and that the MC isn’t a Nightshade by blood. Not only will this affect the story on several aspects, it will also make the staff a bit wary of the player. And a light skinned MC who’s going to threat Avaron poorly because they don’t share kinship with them is going to have some interesting scenes :smiling_imp:


i can’t wait to play Hyacinthe again and good luck with college!

i can’t wait to see this side of Adonis and i have a good feeling that this "someone else"
is going to be a new character, i presume.

Well, i’m pretty suspicious with Veranne’s parentage even if i didn’t pick those choices since Veranne has black eyes while mommy dearest has green eyes while Datura (bless his soul) has blue eyes. i don’t know real-life genetic works here but there’s that possibility that it may apply.


Yes, the MC’s skin color won’t be just an aesthetic choice; depending on what choice you pick, some people will believe that Aquilegia has cheated on Datura, and that the MC isn’t a Nightshade by blood. Not only will this affect the story on several aspects, it will also make the staff a bit wary of the player. And a light skinned MC who’s going to threat Avaron poorly because they don’t share blood with them is going to have some interesting scenes :smiling_imp:

What wicked weaves you sow, intrigue upon intrigue, and this just the beginning? XD This story is so going to be suspensful ride front start to finish no?


i would love to give a “fate worse than death” scenario for mommy dearest. Offing her may seem too convenient(?) and perhaps in a certain point of view, merciful. A long dragging torture may be more fitting for someone like her.


Regret what she did to the MC because if she had the MC normally they could have given a better life to her. Not feel sorrow for what she did.

I would give to her a good life with a luxurious lifestyle. Then I would threaten her to take it away if she doesn’t become useful to me.
My MC is not going to throw away a good resource.


To be honest, I think the worst punishment for her would be taking all her titles away, and forcing her to watch us life a good life with our father, while she struggles to make a living.


It might backfire on you. You might lose the support of her side of the family and the Society might not accept a son who let take away everything from their mother.
I doubt it will be easy of getting rid of her.


The caveat here is if you get caught otherwise it’s fair play. Given that her family is not as high in standing or influential enough for Datura’s family to even consider the match says a lot about where they are in the Green circles, so if they’re newly minted then I doubt the Society will stretch its neck out for her. So if the MC could make it look like it’s her own hubris – which isn’t too far of a stretch – that made her fall from grace, voila :))

But true. It won’t be easy getting rid of her.

But I’m planning on having a positive relationship with Datura and Avaron so if mother dearest tries anything…

Well. Talk shit get hit :stuck_out_tongue:

(Of course more discreetly)


But can our MC make her life miserable though?


@Abe thank you! :smile:

The scene with Adonis will be short and will give more importance to the mysterious character ( whom you guessed right; it’s someone you’ve never seen before :upside_down_face: ), but you may get a good idea of how wonderful the Crowfoot family is in general after it’s done. That means that Adonis and Aquilegia aren’t so different :scream: Once the future update is up, you will have to guess on which aspects these two are similar :wink:

It’s a funny thing; with all the dominant and recessive traits, biology is kind of a game of chance. The fact that a gene might be dominant doesn’t mean it will always come out on top over the others; it can be a recessive one the one winning in the end, so if you have a really mixed family, everything is possible :smile:

The very beginning is going to be a huge mess of possibilities, lies and mysteries that it will take all of the story to disentangle, and not even then everything will be revealed; some things are better kept a secret :upside_down_face:

I want to make the player doubt who’s actually with them or against them, if they truly have allie’s of are being played. I want to give you trust issues, and, in the end, make you guys wonder if it was worth it, to suffer so much :wink:

It would definitely be quick (and maybe even painless), given that there are things Aquilegia considers worse in life, like scandals or “shameful” behaviors. Of course, that doesn’t mean she will pick death over saving face, but she’s especially sensitive to humiliation/bad criticism :smiley:

No; she will be (really) angry for the miscalculation she made, furious at the whole situation, and expect, even demand, that the MC takes care of her, after all she’s their mother (even if she doesn’t act as such nor deserves the title).

In her eyes Aquilegia can’t do wrong; she’s perfect, and everything bad that happens to her is everyone’s fault rather than hers (because her schemes failed or she overestimates her abilities). She doesn’t hold herself responsible of not loving the MC; Aquilegia truly believes that it’s their duty to make themselves likeable enough for her to feel anything remotely motherly towards them, and not the other way around. She will blame the MC for being an awful child, and that they can “repay” her by giving her a better, more lavish life.

Years ago, someone entertained the thought of killing her for real; they still regret not doing it when they had the chance :dagger:

That wouldn’t work really well; she’s really ungrateful and would take it for granted (after all she’s your “mother”), not as something she has to work for :roll_eyes:

She doesn’t have any; the Crowfoot title is in Clematis’ possession, so you can’t strip her away of anything.

Aquilegia can end up in several places, but it’s not a good idea to let her roam free; she’s bound to bring a lot of trouble.

Here you’re quite right :smile: Even if The Society promotes terrible parent figures, it’s also expected for children to honor/respect them, regardless of how terrible they have been to them. So having Aquilegia speaking I’ll of you is not exactly a good idea, if you want to cause a good impression/have a good image in front of The Society.

Where’s the point in making it easy? :wink:

Yes! :smile: You’re absolutely right about her social standing (that’s why she was so keen on marrying Datura), although the Crowfoot have been around for a lot of time. They aren’t very powerful nor influential, but they have a lot of history in The Society and have a lot of branches (so they are related to a lot of families).

Aquilegia’s generation (her siblings and some distant cousins) stand out more than the regular Crowfoot (she married someone who was from the Purple Circles, Adonis is an important military figure, Clematis has a good political position, Wolfsbane is making a lot of progress in the current medical knowledge, etc.), but it’s not enough to consider them “prestigious” or important as a whole.

So while having her making noise wouldn’t be good for the MC’s reputation, it wouldn’t be because she has any sort of influence in The Society, but more of a cultural thing. It already happens in real life, someone with an abusive/appalling mother will say “I hate my mother,” and a lot of people will be surprised and horrified of such thing, even if she has been awful and you would have been better off without her.

Yeah, maybe that’s the best way; make it look like it’s her own fault :wink:

You can try, but she will do the same for your character :stuck_out_tongue:


And how each RO will react to the MC’s dearest mother?


wait what!? finally someone could make us the favor and they don’t do it?..that it’s why they say " if you want to do something right do it yourself :smiling_imp:


Good question!

In terms of the actual story, I don’t know yet if many of the ROs will (directly) interact with Aquilegia, but it’s quite fun to answer :smile:

Most of the Faerwalds wouldn’t bat an eye to the treatment she gives to the MC; they are used to distant (and cruel) parent figures who use their children as means, so while they wouldn’t like her, they wouldn’t find her behaviour too upsetting/the worst they have ever seen. Although if you want a more personal answer:

  • Maynard would find her (lacking) scheming skills and the little self-control she has over her emotions distasteful and unbecoming, expecting much better from someone her age.

  • Cora wouldn’t like her, but feign that she does and keep a frivolous relationship with her (afternoon tea, gossip, backhanded compliments), because that’s how things work in The Society.

  • Maetthere would be polite and keep his opinions to himself, having learned long ago that even if you find someone unpleasant or insufferable, no one but himself must know.

  • Rhona would probably be the only Faerwald child who would openly show aversion towards Aquilegia, refusing to play nice with her or having to deal with her if helped.

  • Lupin would be hostile towards her from the get go, and try to avoid her as much as he could, since he can’t stand the sight of her and doesn’t feel like arguing every time their paths meet.

  • Kalmia would try her best to be civil towards Aquilegia, and successfully manage to most of the time. She would also have a much harder time confronting her when getting in a row.

  • Lovage wouldn’t bother with politeness if undeserved, paying back Aquilegia’s rudeness with cheek and veiled insults when he’s not ignoring her existence, as if she were a gust of air.

  • Cherry is probably the only one who would put some effort in having a civil/decent relationship with her, even if her attempts end up being unsuccessful. She wants Aquilegia’s approval.

  • Lantana would try to befriend her her first, then after seeing how… pleasant she is, lose interest in dealing with her unless it was absolutely necessary (life or death matters).

Well… Murder is not a simple matter (there are a lot of repercussions, and not only ethical/moral ones that people have to take into account) , if it were then a lot of people would be dead already (since plenty of people share Aquilegia’s endearing attitude).

Plus, when they wanted to off Aquilegia, they were very young and didn’t have the same outlook on life, not the same determination as they have now. They definitely rue not going through with it.


I’ve mentioned it earlier, but the ist of ROs is still a draft; it was bound to change, and it did, although it’s very likely that I’ll redesign/alter it again (in the future). Since I started college a few weeks ago, the progress of the game is really, really slow, but it’s not dead.

Now, what I’m going to do with the ROs? I’m going to remove Lovage from the list and add Eli Tetterwort, leaving the count to 3 male ROs (one of them gender locked, only romanceable for female MCs) and 6 female ROs (two of them also gender locked, one only interested in men, the other one in women and nb people).

I’m aware that there are a lot more girls to romance than guys, but… it came out like that? Sorry if I don’t quite explain myself, I mean that this time around, I got a lot more women as ROs than men, and it wasn’t intentional. Sometimes things like that happen, you make a character, or the story takes certain direction, and it’s out of your hands, you don’t quite control how a character is going to come out. As things are right now, Lovage doesn’t work as a RO for the MC, and Eli can be an important part of the plot (and romance), so I removed him from the list and put Eli.

The story is still in a very early stage, so it’s bound to change and I might add more ROs, but even back when I revamped it I knew that there were going to be more female ROs than male ones (4 to 3 in the beginning); I just never thought it was going to get so pronounced when I made the cast bigger.


Well… Crowfoot is like the way your face looks when you get older… Also Crows are evil… And uh… Crap this is falling apart fast… Er yes it still works if she’s not a stepmother… Cause well you can play a female MC! HA THERE I SURVIVED.


Ahh what a cliffhanger…

My Stats:
Humorous: 0
Serious: 2
Ironic: 0

Sweet: 5
Acerbic: 0

Meek: 0
Manipulative: 0

Mischievous: 2
Polite: 4

Outspoken: 2
Reserved: 1

Haughty: 0
Humble: 0

Agitated: 1
Composed: 3

Phlegmatic: 0
Passionate: 0

Caring: 0
Blase: 0

Affectionate: 7
Cold: 0

Stoic: 4
Sentimental: 2

Demure: 2
Cordial: 5

Brash: 1
Rational: 2

Courageous: 2
Craven: 4

Trusting: 0
Skeptical: 0

Forgiving: 0
Resentful: 1

Selfish: 0
Charitable: 1

Jealous: 0
Wasteful: 1
Thrifty: 0

Practical: 1
Idealist: 0

Diplomatic: 0
Bellicose: 0

Compliant: 0
Rebelious: 4

Stormy: 1
Temperate: 0

Determined: 0
Unsure: 1

Self Reliant: 2
Unsustaining: 0
Stubborn: 0

Vain: 0
Curious: 2

I like my stats, surprised at my Serious buttt that might have to do with how I try to be polite towards some people rather than be a cuddle bug.


who’s eli though? :hushed: can i ask for a description of his characteristics?
crosses fingers


Years ago, someone entertained the thought of killing her for real; they regret not doing it when they had the chance

Whoever it is, I pray I can become alllies/friends of some sort with them. There’s nothing that brings people together like a common hatred ^-^

Also… this Eli is very interesting ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). It’d be very cool to find out more stuff about him :smiley: No rush, of course. I’m just hooked


Haha, yes :smile: Although you aren’t too far off, and can play the game as a fairy tale, with an evil mother and true love (even if tragic…) and plenty of drama :wink: Thank you for the stats!

Well… Eli is a girl; as for now, there are only 3 male ROs (Maynard, Maetthere and Lupin), I removed Lovage (who happened to sound like a prick… and is one, truth to be told. For some reason I make a lot of assholes a lot of times the male ROs turn out to be… disagreeable, to say something).

Eli Tetterwort is the same age as the MC, with tan and freckled skin, light brown hair and green eyes. She comes from a small but old family that has fallen to disgrace; not much is known about the current generation, as the count of children don’t quite match the public knowledge. She’s shy and nervous, feeling extremely self-conscious about herself, and has a lot of pressure from her family to fulfill her duties to the Tetterwort and The Society. She feels lonely and caged but unable to break free from it all.

If you want HUGE spoilers about who wanted to murder Aquilegia, here you go it was Adonis.

Yep, the MC’s uncle wanted to kill his own sister back when they were in their teens. Adonis has never liked Aquilegia, not even when they were children, and actually weighted his options (if it was worth it, if he could get away with it, what would happen in he got caught, etc.), deciding to not go through with it (something he would bitterly regret years after).

He doesn’t feel any kind of shame about it (if asked, he would openly admit it), the same way Aquilegia doesn’t feel much (if any) guilt in general; it’s a Crowfoot trait, the lack of remorse and having what we could consider here narcissistic/sociopathic tendencies.


“Even if tragic”

Does this mean romances are doomed from the start or there is a way for both MC and RO to survive happily enough